Do You Want To Look Like A Reality TV Show Wife?

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Cosmetic surgery is clearly the up-and-coming trend in body makeovers for the rich and beautiful. A quick nip and tuck has come to replace previous methods of body alterations due to the rapid pace of changing, as well as the ensured success of receiving a desired look.  It seems that diet and exercise are far from being top-of-the-list as viable ways for looking good.
For all of these reasons, reality television had become overwhelmed by women and men who have sought to take surgical measures to spruce up their looks.
Let’s explore this topic a bit while focusing on reality television shows, where almost every single wife on these shows has gotten a procedure done.  Cosmetic Surgery Chicago has become a popular practice many wives. Whether they are from Chicagolicious or The Real Housewives, most have reportedly gone under the knife in efforts to revamp their look, all too much avail.
Celebrity House Wife Cosmetic Surgery
Dr. Michael Fiorillo, who has worked on several housewives of the celebrated television shows currently on television, claims that breast implants continue to be one of the most desired objects for cosmetic surgery. Taking a look at the housewives, clearly several women, from numerous seasons, have been quick to take on this ever-growing trend.
Housewife Surgeries of Other Reality Television
Cosmetic Surgery is not just taking place in Chicago, it is everywhere. While in many of the famous housewife reality television shows display the stars going to the plastic surgeon directly, there are a few that modestly have yet to announce their perfectly molded bodies. Adrienne Maloof, of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, has reportedly had a nose job and lip filler to sculpt her Barbie-esque facial features. Camille Grammer, of the same season of The Housewives and ex-wife to star Kelsey Grammer, has had breast implants, lip filler, and a possible upper eye surgery to literally shave years from her appearance, pleasing the young crowd of Beverly Hills heartthrobs who are sure to be knocking on her door. Big Ang Raiola, another popular wife, has reportedly admitted to excess use of cosmetic surgery. But when you look as fantastic as she does at 52, who came blame her for getting additional work done? Big Ang has confessed that she has had her breasts worked on three different times, and is still not entirely satisfied.  Does that mean she plans on backing off on the surgeries for a bit? Absolutely not!

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