5 Tips On Choosing A Car For Hire

Unfortunately, you can’t bring your car everywhere you go and there are occasions now and again where a car hire may be in order. Renting a car may seem pretty easy, however there are a number of things to consider before doing so as they can make the whole process a lot easier and ensure you choose the best company for your requirements. So, here are some tips on choosing a car for hire.
Price Range
One of the most important factors is of course deciding how much you can afford for your car hire. Of course, a nice Mercedes looks tempting, but can you actually afford it. Figure out your budget, how long you will need a car for and then you can decide the amount you want to put down for your car rental. Check your price online through comparison sites. They offer you the opportunity to see transparent pricing, quicker and easier.
If it’s just you and your partner, you may want to choose a little sporty number for the car rental, however if you throw some little ones into the mix, things may be a little more limiting. Consider the number of passengers you have, the amount of room they will need and also the luggage and extras you may need to bring. Some rental cars come with additions such as bike racks, roof boxes and other items. These can make travelling a lot easier.
Green Credentials
You don’t want to rent a car only to find out that it only does a miniscule amount of mileage to the gallon. Make sure to check the green credentials before choosing. You’d be surprised at the amount of power that can be squeezed out of a relatively small engine these days thanks to government onus on green engines. Some tiny 1 litre engines can easily surpass 100BHP – plenty of power for most cars.
The Cover
Check what’s covered if the worse comes to the worst. Some car companies will cover you for break downs and other issues, while others won’t. Also, your credit card or other financial institutions may provide you with extra cover or benefits for going with a particular car rental company – be aware of this. Remember that many smaller local companies lack the support of the larger ones – somewhat similar to most car related businesses, whether it is a private seller or car leasing company.
Hidden Costs
This is often a contentious issue when you leave the car back. Understand that some companies will try and make the most of your car rental financially. Ask if there are any clauses with return such as filling up the car with fuel or cleaning it out. If you don’t and it is expected you will be charged a premium rate when the car is returned – something to avoid.
Now, go and enjoy some happy motoring.
Cormac Reynolds writes for First Vehicle Leasing a UK contract hire company that provides car leasing across the United Kingdom