5 Great Cabin Decorating Styles

When you think of a little log cabin you envision a small rustic house hidden in a large grove of trees with a view of the mountains or a nearby lake. You may even envision a stone chimney with a warm fire in the fireplace.
While we may envision the exterior of a log cabin when thinking of this rustic setting, it is the interior furnishings that complete the charm of this beautiful place. The following are just 5 great cabin decor styles that work in any cabin setting.
1 – The Primitive Look
The basic concept to this decor style is simplicity, neutral colors and the use of decor items found in nature. This look affords casual comfort. Furnishings are usually heavy set, look hand hewn or even made out of twigs. Some people complement seating areas with caned chairs, leather sofas and tree bark accessories. Wrought iron chandeliers, rustic lanterns or lanterns are often used as lighting solutions. Fabrics used are in neutral colors, with natural fiber fabrics being the preferred option.
2 – Southwestern Style
When people think of this style, they envision a home in Santa Fe, New Mexico, complete with adobe walls and terra-cotta rooftop. This may be the ideal style for your cabin, depending on its architectural style. Colors that inspire this style are neutrals and the colors found in the desert, including pink, cactus greens, sunset hues and coral mixes. Textiles are often inspired by Native American cultures, most often in the Navajo style. Furnishings are usually simple, made with a rustic finish, with little to no ornate carvings. Distressed furniture, leather, and cotton mix well to identify this popular style.
3 – Country
If your cabin is truly that old American cabin, you may want to use elements of traditional Americana country style. Select accents with fishing, hunting and canoeing motifs. Designs are usually folk painted, woven or embroidered. You’ll find warm colors used throughout the style accented with wrought iron, cast iron, antiques, twig furniture, wreaths, flowers and warm braided or rag rugs. Everything that reminds you of the old pioneer days fits into this decor style.
4 – Western Style
If your cabin has an old west feel about it, then decorate it with wagon wheel accessories, tables and furniture. Add a few cowboy accessories, Native American blankets and throw some animal skins around for a real western feel to your cabin.
5 – Use a Combination
There is no set rule that says you have to use a particular style throughout the cabin. You can mix different rustic styles, providing you use colors that match and items that look rustic and old.
What About the Expense?
While new decor items, furnishings and accessories can be expensive, the great thing about all of these styles is that you can mix and match new items with those you find at flea markets and update yourself. It’s all about being as creative as possible. Just remember to add that special twig furniture to the outdoor porch too, as this is the great evening meet up place, where everyone gets together to enjoy the evening sounds, the weather and stare out over the wide blue yonder.

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