10 Best Practices To Communicate Effectively With Global Customers


Nowadays, the patterns of global communication are not as similar as they used to be in 1990. This is 2020, correspondence advancements grow every day with constant developments in communication platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, or even Facetime of iPhone.

These advancements are progressively changing and are becoming more natural and easier to understand than the complex fax machines of old days.

However, in the business world, the definition of global commination is evolving even more.

The sort of communication that works for your organization when it conveys locally might not be understandable to international market. Therefore, it has become a basic need to know your crowd, your market, and to build better communication skills while associating with people or different businesses around the world.

Gathered by team of Genius Videos, a video animation services company, here are some best practices that can help you communicate your business effectively with your global customers.

First thing first, Be on your best behavior

Does your worldwide associates or clients like active communication? Do they like to use formal language when they connect with you on call or email, or they prefer to communicate informally with a friendly hello?

It is necessary to be attentive to your customers and behave professionally with each client. If you follow some basic manners and greet someone with respect, particularly with whom you are working and become familiar with the responses, you can connect more effectively on a global scale.

Connecting further with our first point, Become familiar with the Dialect

Becoming familiar with dialect does not mean that you and all your team must be acquainted with every language. Instead, the idea is to know the language spoken to by your client, their base or culture.

Interpretation services or a translator can be useful, yet if you can at least try to figure out how various things are addressed in various nations. For example, in the Chinese language, you say “shei shei” for thank you.

So, it is essential to do a little homework and know what to say in which language, so you may not confuse your global customers and definitely not offend them.

Active listening

A major portion of creating effective communication reflects upon active listening. A great comminutor is likewise a good listener. Our top video animators always try to tune with their clients by actively listening to the brief. When you give an attentive response to the individual with whom you are talking and you are likewise listening to, it creates a better connection – a more meaningful connection.

Updated knowledge

Which new social media platform your customers are utilizing? Do your potential worldwide clients lean toward a specific style of wordings? What recent developments occurred in your customer’s nation?

Being up-to-date and knowledgeable about the things your clients relate to will assist you in building better communication. For example, if you are in a conference with Japanese people, you may start a conversation with the latest gadget launched in the year. This sort of information can help you break the ice.

Our experts at Genius Videos believes that being clueless on your first conversation with the client makes you look amateurish in the market. On the other hand, keeping yourself updated on what is hot on the news will consistently give you an additional edge when you are connecting with global clients.

Real-time communication tools

While you may be getting mega offers or customer credits or great rates, it is nearly impossible to travel abroad every time you need to interact with your worldwide customers. There are numerous apparatuses and tools now that you can utilize to help push your business’s worldwide reach.

We all know that the Internet itself is a direct way to connect and cell phones and different broadcast communications alternatives are available in case you want to interact. Yet, having a communication tool such as facetime or skype may make global conversations simpler for your association.

Language converter while chatting

Numerous applications give you the capacity to change your message into an assigned language and likewise get the other person’s message in your national language. This sort of communication technology is used by many video production services because it gives you a chance to transfer your messages rapidly, particularly in the B2B domain — however, be alert- these sorts of communication should be dealt with care. Because sometimes “Hi” in your language can mean “Bye” to others, Therefore, going back to the previous point, it better to become familiar with the dialect of your global audience.

 Improve your website

Envision an existence where a site can be made in one language and in a single click, it very well may be converted into another dialect.

This could be a fundamental strategy you can apply in order to communicate effectively with your global customers. In case you do a lot of business in an area where the interpretation of a language, for example, Arabic or Italian would be helpful, you need to upgrade today.

Once more our professional at Genius Videos would advise you to be mindful of auto-interpreters as they can misjudge purpose and display something opposite.

Convey your business as a story

According to our top video animators, “statistical data won’t be recalled by the audience, stories will.” So, to improve your communication with your global customers, try to use a story to portray your business. Also, train your team in a way that they share stories, and utilize these stories as an establishment for exchanges. This is a way that cultivates a more prominent comprehension of the practices. These discussions and stories can later turn into a solid effect on positive culture-building that identifies your business’s idea and key objectives.

Talking style

When we say, talking style, it implies the pitch you convey and the tone you maintain while you talk to your customers. Depending on the manner by which you say your words, the same sentence can be said, and comprehended, in various ways. Individuals you address can be influenced by a positive tone and talking style, similarly, they can perish if addressed in a negative tone or talking style.

So, to build a good relationship with your customers, try to convey your idea or service or product detail in a positive style – with a motivational tone. Don’t try to rush the conversation or delay it – Keep it small, interactive, and positive. This sort of practice will surely lead you to build an ever-lasting relationship with your client.

Last but not Least, Hire an interpreter

One of the best approaches to convey your business or service to an international customer is to hire an interpreter. This particular practice is applied for companies who work in the lawful field and in circumstances where legitimate terms and details are unyielding.

Worldwide interchanges and global commination are very delicate matters which shouldn’t be taken lightly by business visionaries. It always requires a lot of compassion, research, and dedication.

Understanding compelling correspondence and ways to initiate effective communication with global customers are essential for any entrepreneur. Your prosperity at expressing what is on your mind can be the distinction between losing a client or closing a good deal.

Thus, Genius Videos would advise you to comprehend the necessities, utilize the best communication tools, and improve your communication skills for the best outcomes.