Unified Communications – Your Key to Business Growth & Success in Recent Times

Unified communications

Businesses try every tip and trick to ensure proper growth and long-term sustenance in the market. The process of the same is highly lengthy and tedious. Well, thanks to technological advancement that has offered us one product that makes it happen without exerting high costs and efforts.

By using unified communication on their business phone system, businesses can easily enhance collaboration, offer multi-device operability to the team, and maintain optimal business growth. When deployed diligently, it can do wonders for your business and help you prevent standing still in the ever-changing world.

To find out more about unified communication and its impact/role in a business’s success, stay tuned.

What is unified communication (UC)?

Unified communication can be referred to like all the equipment, software, and services that encourage interoperability between all the business communication methods adopted by a business. This integration enables a business to save time, money, and effort while conducting inbound and outbound communication.

What are some key unified communication components?  

Some of the key unified communication tools are VoIP, social media, mobile apps, cloud-based apps and telephony, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools, instant messaging, web conferencing, data center, email integration, and fiber optic internet connectivity.

Depending upon the business needs, a business can integrate any or all of the above-mentioned unified communication components and empower inbound and outbound communication.

Why is unified communication the need of the hour?

Today’s business world is very brutal.It demands constant evolution and up-scaled operation if you want to taste success in such a scenario. UC is the answer to all these queries.

  • You are not tied up with a particular device

Today’s modern customer pool is free from any geographical and equipment boundaries. To pace with such an ecosystem, you need to have resources that can communicate with your customers in all possible manners and should not be dependent on a particular platform, as it is the case with a traditional PSTN-based business phone system.

In PSTN-based telephony, you can only answer/make calls from the landline device. Transferring a business call to other devices is not possible. This may lead to many missed calls, which might fetch a million-dollar deal for you once the office hours are over. UC has emerged as a boon in this case.

By expanding all the interoperability possibilities, UC enables a business to contact any of the data-driven devices like a desk phone, laptop, PC, or mobile. So, if you are leaving your desk for any reason, you need not miss a call. Just bring call transferring feature of your virtual mobile phone number into practice and receive calls from any of the data-driven devices.

  • It can mirror communication 

Business communication goes through various phases before it comes to an end. If you want your business to grow exponentially, then ensuring the uniformity in the communication at every platform is more than important.

Unified communication can mirror communication across all the in-loop devices and maintain uniformity. For instance, you were sending an email to your customers, but suddenly, battery dies out, and the laptop shuts down. With the help of UC, you can get access to that email on your mobile phone and continue with the same email.

The same uniformity is maintained even if you are switching the workplace. Today, you are working from your office. Tomorrow you will be working from any remote location. With the use of a virtual mobile phone number, you can maintain the uniformity in every case. This communication mirroring ensures that you never lose hold of the important information even if you lose hold of the devices and working ecosystem.

  • It brings best-in-class integration at your service 

Another major reason behind the business world’s great affinity is the world-class integration at your service. Apart from enhancing business collaboration, it integrates workflow across all the platforms. UC comes with various CRM integrations that bring all the information over a single place.

For instance, if a caller requires information about any ongoing offers, then your agents need not ask for the call back, go and get the information from the relative department, and then inform the caller. Your agents can directly open up the marketing portal and get that relevant information right there. A business phone system powered by UC brings everything under one roof and makes things easier and better.

Final words 

Whenever it comes to business communication, you should ensure uniformity, independence, and viability. By adopting unified communication, you can improve workflow across your organization and enhance the team output and productivity. With UC, you can be 100% sure that success is on your way. So, don’t wait anymore and adopt it today if you haven’t done it till now.