Tips For Choosing The Best Washing Machine

In a matter of appliances for home, one of the most discussed purchases before deciding is the washing machine. This is mainly due to two reasons: because it represents a major expense and because it is a product designed to last at least 10 years. For these reasons, it is important to analyze the product that interests us should have an innovative design that fits into our home, and that is also practical and easy to use virtually any member of the family.

When choosing a washing machine, you should consider buying from the characteristics thereof, that meets your main needs. For which we recommend to consider the following:

How Many People Live at Home?

The capacity is important when choosing our washing point. In the market, there are washing machines ranging from 6 to 20 kilograms per charge.

Based on a family of four (two adults and two children), a housewife get to use the washing machine up to 6 times a week with three loads each time (considering that the clothes are separated by color, fabric, texture , etc.), equivalent to an average spending 4,800 liters of water.

Where you shall put it, Inside or Outside?

If outside, make sure it is not in the open, i.e, direct contact with sunlight or rain. Sun exposure does NOT affect the operation of the washing machine, but over time it can damage the external device materials. It is not recommended to use covers, or cover the washing machine with any type of fabric or plastic, they do not allow air to circulate properly inside the unit, causing the accumulation of dust, which can eventually burn out the motor.

Which Color do you Prefer?

Maybe the color is not important, but if the washing machine is inside the home, look for a machine that has a visually pleasing design that matches the rest of the room where you keep it, so you will not have to cover and the atmosphere and decor of your house will remain.

Who uses the Washing Machine?

It is common that the housewife is who operate mainly the washing machine, but if more people could use it at some point (like your children) in your home, it is important that the machine is easy to use and has the necessary elements for any member of the family, often a single button makes the difference.

Saving Water and Energy

Given the ecological circumstances in which we now live, more and more people become aware of our impact on the environment. Consider investing a little more money in a washing machine, in the long and medium term, allow us to have a substantial saving water and energy at home, it is an extremely important issue.


Choose the product that includes a comprehensive guarantee at least one year, which will protect it from any defect in the product. There are manufacturers that offer up to three years, but often this is reflected in an increase in the final price.