Get On The Move! 4 Tips To Make Your Relocation Process Go Smoothly

Get On The Move! 4 Tips To Make Your Relocation Process Go Smoothly

Moving can be an exciting time in your life that’s filled with new opportunities, new friendships, and, of course, a new home. Getting to that new home can have its challenges, though. That’s why it’s important to prepare in advance to ensure that the entire moving process goes as smoothly as possible. There are a few major things you want to consider in this planning process that will really make everything easier for you.

Have a Schedule

Most people know generally what it takes to complete a successful move. Pack your belongings, put them on a truck, and unpack them at your new location. However, beyond packing, there’s so much more that needs to be done, including change of address notifications, utility transfers, readying your old home for sale or inspection by the landlord, and many other fine points that can quickly become overwhelming.

That’s why it’s important to think carefully about everything that needs to be done before and while you move, then make a set schedule that you can follow to ensure everything gets done on time. With everything already on a list, you’ll be less likely to forget something and always know what you need to be doing on a given day.

Get a Big Truck

It seems that moving day always becomes a day for some people to show off just how much stuff they can fit in a small space. While it’s good to pack your belongings tightly in the moving truck to prevent shifting during the move, it’s also important to ensure you get a truck from a place like Elite Truck Rental that’s big enough in the first place.

The last thing you want is to have the truck mostly loaded, only to realize it’s not going to be big enough. Then you either have to scramble to find other vehicles to accompany you to your new home or unload everything you’ve already loaded to go rent a larger truck. It may cost a little more up front to rent a larger truck, but the time saved in the end will more than make up for the extra money spent.

Get Enough Help

Even if you don’t consider yourself as someone who owns that much stuff, when you have to carry it out of the house piece by piece and up the ramp to the truck, you’ll quickly realize you own more than you think. Getting a large group together to help you load and unload will help make your move much easier and less stressful.

Call in friends, co-workers, neighbors, acquaintances- anyone you have any sort of connection with- to see if they’re willing to help you move. Offering free food or even cash can certainly sweeten the deal to put the odds in your favor. The more people you get, the faster the process will go and the less each person who does show up will have to do.

Measure up

To avoid traffic jams in hallways and on stairways at your current and new home, it’s important to measure all your larger furniture to make sure it can easily be maneuvered out of your old house and into your new home. Depending on your home, a queen-sized bed and mattress are where things might start to get tricky, so measure doors, staircases, hallways, and any other pinch points, to make sure everything can fit through as-is. If you discover that something won’t be able to fit, plan in advance to either disassemble the item or find an alternate route for it to make its way into your new home.

Be Persistent

Though the process may become overwhelming at times, sticking with the moving process until you’ve got every last box moved into your new home is an important part of making sure the process goes smoothly. A half-emptied truck isn’t going to empty itself, and you’ll just end up paying more for a longer rental than if you complete the job quickly. Even though it might seem like your stuff is multiplying, it’s truly not, so just stick with it, and before you know it, you’ll be all moved and settled into your new home.