Chrysler and Fiat taking the Connections Forward to an Old Era

Car manufacturer Chrysler and its Italian partner Fiat is about to bring the 50’s back lately by unveiling the New ‘1957 Edition’ Fiat 500 at the LA Auto Show 2013 Next Week. The automobile manufacturer collaboration has been on a constant effort to offer redesigned experiences from the past to the present. In 2011, the partnership offered redesigned European vans to American consumers. The redesigned Fiat Doblo (Front wheel drive), the Ducato, and the Iveco Daily were some of the offerings back then, all under the Ram brand. The new 1957 edition celebrates the 57th anniversary of the ‘Cinquecento’ Nuova.

The new vehicle is a redesign of the Lounge model Fiat 500 and is rich in vintage styling. The retro 16 inch wheel, the fascia at the front featuring FIAT badges, and the same on the back liftgate sets high vintage standards. The design cue reflects also in the grand interior. The car is available in three shades of classic exterior. Owners can get their cars in Bianco (white), exclusive celestial (celestial blue pairing signature mirror caps with Bianco roofs) and verde chiaro (light green). The Chrysler head official of Fiat North America section, Jason Stoicevich elaborated, “The Cinquecento is our brand icon and reflects the uniqueness of signature Italian style, amazing road engagement, and top efficiency.

The car is not full retro though. The mechanism is the best the collaboration has to offer. It features a sport-tuned system of suspension, C 514 manual transmission in five speeds, and the MultiAir Engine (1.4 l) together deliver an estimated 31 mpg (miles per gallon) in city mode and 40 mpg in highway. Owners can also choose the optional facility of 6-speed automatic transmission. The interior also features a 6-speaker premium audio system. Almost symbolically, following four years after exiting bankruptcy, the company unveils the 1957 Edition Fiat Nuovo, which originally symbolized the ‘rebirth’ of the Chrysler parent company. Signifying a new beginning for the brand, the last manufacture of the original Nuovo was on 1975.

The car is also available in pink ribbon models (limited edition signifying the fight against breast cancer) and two exclusive Gucci models. The company is yet to announce the pricing and hints that it would be available just before market launch. The ordering schedule is to begin nationwide from early 2014. The LA Auto Extravaganza 2014 also would feature about 60 other unveilings, 22 global debuts included.  The show is open for the public from November 22 to December 1.

The original Cinquecento was highly popular. The company built around 3.9 million models from 1957 to 1975. The company is confident about the pattern it is following and expects customers to return to the bygone in style. With a clear appreciation of the grand vintage, the collaboration is likely to appeal to owners who stick by the values of old. Setting up a high standard of excellence, the rebirth of Nuovo is all set to attract attention. It is definite that the car manufacturers have been putting in considerable research in exploring strong sub-trends.