Aussie Woman Has 3D Printed Ear Fitted After Losing Earlobe 55 Years Ago

A 55 year old person loses her left ear in an accident. Fortunately Colleen Murray has become the first person in Australia to receive a new ear by the help of 3D printing technology.

3D printing technology in the medical profession gradually expanded. In addition to the technology in the field of plastic surgery is also very optimistic. Recently, a group of Australian plastic surgeons used this technology for Murray to make it as lifelike prosthetic left ear. Colleen Murray lost most of her left ear in a car accident. Doctors are printed out based on her right ear of a mirror version of 3D silicon ear prosthetics, and it has been successfully placed.

According to Professor at  Deakin University professor Dr. Cadd told reporters, this is only the beginning. Although It is not a new thing, but this time the outcome was different 3D printing. 3D printing is possible to create new opportunities for health care, our technology can reproduce 100% of the patient’s body parts. The quality of the prosthesis so well,  others almost impossible to tell the difference.

3D printing is increasingly permitting the direct digital manufacture, but restoration experts believe that in the near future, the same 3D scanning and printing techniques can also be applied to other parts of the body, such as for arms, hands, legs, etc.

Prosthetic ear reconstructive surgery, which is the same size as right ear, all thanks to 3D printing, However, as a consequence of the level of treatment, patient-specific care already, step by step taken, for sure, but the positives It doesn’t look’s like an artificial. Few researchers believe that the formation of the 3D printed organs will be better  in the near future. Stunning results, But the patients estimate in real time how long it would take, unfortunate number of patients die before receiving organs.