Brand Activation: Getting It Right

Brand activation is a key tool in growing popularity and giving customers a highly engaging experience that grows their connection to the company and to the brand. This particular term refers to the process that happens when brands are developed to become loved and well known, which is achieved through a variety of activities. Brand activation as an activity is gaining increasing traction and interest in the marketing world.

These activities include sponsorships, product samples, experiential events and retail marketing activities.

As part of the work, the brand’s marketeers must establish which key features set the product or service apart from their competitors, allowing them to position the long-term benefits to both the customer and the company. Customer perceptions may need to experience a shift for buyers to really feel bought-in and engaged.

Engaging with the buyer’s passions

To develop demand for the product or service, the brand must engage with the buyer’s own desires and passions, using creative approaches. Events are one key way of doing this − press and promo events, with quirky and memorable elements to generate PR and excitement. Event companies in Dublin, such as Davis events agency, have plenty of experience in this field.

Events are key

Another key element is timing, as is physical positioning. Experience events often drive belief in the brand and its values, which paves the way to purchase. They also give individuals a chance to ask questions about the brand and to take part in a live experience that mentally connects them to the brand, often connecting digital and physical experiences.

Other useful approaches

Other supporting brand activation strategies include promotional marketing to generate sales and raise brand awareness; for example, samples, POS displays, giveaways, competitions and special offers. For business audiences, DM campaigns, trade show and event sponsorships are typical.

For in-store marketing, the right retail display can change customer buying behaviours by positioning a brand in the right way through product launch experiences, great hosting, design and POS displays. These can include interactive and staffed display stands and possibly have a competitive element.

If you are serious about embedding your brand in a competitive market, consider what brand activation strategies you need to pursue to drive forward awareness and loyal engagement and ultimately increase your sales and profits.