Only A Few Things Feel Good – Jeans and Casual Fashion

Jeans have been mainstream since the end of 18th century and thankfully for those of us born way after their origin they, like all things classic, have not only retained their charm but have also managed to maintain an enviable permanently favourite position in the ever-changing sphere called fashion.

Originally worn only by factory workers, the waist overalls (yes that is what our beloved jeans were initially called) first saw a never-to-die rage for it among the youth when it became symbolic of rebellion via a James Dean movie produced in 1950’s. The very definition of casual fashion, everyone’s favourite jeans have not looked back since. They have been alluded to by song-writers time and again (songs like ‘Jeans On’ by David Dundas and ‘Forever in Blue Jeans’ by Neil Diamond have etched in public memory this garment and the unpretentious, casual yet glamorous air the wearer of this garment exuberates.

Only A Few Things Feel Good - Jeans and Casual Fashion

Modern women like no hang-ups and catering precisely to that attitude are available in umpteen styles women’s jeans that do the best for women’s legs by taking care of their comfort and at the same time not hiding their shapely form bestowed upon by Mother Nature. For a women of many shades and moods jeans have taken a long, progressive journey. There is no dearth of options so all you need to do is decide the look you want for any particular day and bring out the style of jeans to match your frame of mind. Below are the three of the hottest trends to have this season:

1) High-Waist Jeans:

Only A Few Things Feel Good - Jeans and Casual Fashion

High waist is having its time on runways as well as in a common girl’s wardrobe. Helping you tuck-in any extra tummy flab or those arrogant love handles, high-waist jeans is every women’s ticket to make the legs look slender and longer. While slimmer women can pair it with any sexy crop top, those graced with curves can opt for V-neck tees or casual shirts. They are best-suited for shapes like pears and apples.

2) Skinny Jeans:

Only A Few Things Feel Good - Jeans and Casual Fashion

Doesn’t the name say it all? Skinny jeans are there to make you look….well…skinny. Not that an ‘XL’ will look an ‘S’ in it but it is your best shot at least looking an ‘L’. Clinging to the body, skinny jeans give the illusion of slimmer legs even where there are none. They can look equally good with tight-fit tops, tees and long, flowing tunics. If you have slender calves, a slit in your jeans near ankles can work wonders for you.

3) Ripped Jeans:

Only A Few Things Feel Good - Jeans and Casual Fashion

It shouts edgy, cool and experimental. Ripped jeans is for all women out there who want to add a dose of glamour to their basic jeans. Ripped jeans can work for everyone who is ready to dare. The only thing you need to pay attention to is the places where your tatters and cuts should be. For example, if you are slightly heavier on thighs, you would want your jeans to be ripped below that area to divert attention and on the contrary you may use your cuts and tatters to attract attention to certain areas that are your strength.

You can add your personal preferences in style to these three trends that are hot this season. Stretchable, distressed, frayed acid wash, bleach or stone wash are all components you may or may not want in your jeans.

Did you know?

The most commonly worn indigo colour of jeans was originally popular because dust did not show on it and it could be worn for several days without washing when it was a laborious task to do without washing-machines being handy.

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