Ten Ways To Cut Costs On Clothes Shopping

Every time you go out shopping, don’t you wish you could get more clothes for less money? Being a diehard fan of music bands like, ‘Avenged Sevenfold’ and ‘Bring Me the Horizon’, I have constantly found myself pondering over this  question. If like me, you are also keen to cut costs on clothes shopping, here are ten effective tips that should help!

Tip 1: Buy During the Discount Season or Sale Season

If you are looking for ways to save your cash, one of the best ways to do so, is by waiting for the sale season to arrive! It is all worth the wait- when you know that eventually, instead of buying just one pricey garment, you can probably get two to three at the same rate! Stores offer rewarding discounts starting from 20%, 50% to 70% at times. These are in fact, extended for long periods of time usually lasting up to a month.

Tip 2: Use Store Vouchers and Discount Coupons Available Online

Before hitting brick and mortar fashion boutiques and other clothes outlets, it is wise to check out discount stores online. A great many exist on the world wide web, offering discounts on almost every wearable product and brand. I am usually always on the lookout for the best deals I can get at merch stores and most of my Avenged Sevenfold collection of tees, is a result of it.

Tip 3: Blend the New Things You Buy With the Old

An excellent way, in which you can save your money when buying outfits, is to buy less of them! One of the ways to do so, is by making a careful inspection of the clothes and accessories you already have and mix them up with the few new ones you buy.

Tip 4: Online Shopping Offers Greater Savings

Shopping online definitely offers its own set of financial rewards! Online stores usually offer products available at brick and mortar outlets at discounted prices, to attract customers. I have always been a great believer in shopping at online band merch stores and have often been able to get access to some of the most exclusive Avenged Sevenfold  merchandise, at enviable prices!

Tip 5: Stick to the List of Items That You Want to Buy

If you want to keep track of your clothes expenditure and not go overboard, it is necessary that you work according to a list. Draw up a list of the items you are keen on purchasing, and irrespective of how attractive you find other outfits at online and other stores, resist the urge to buy them. This discipline is required, if you want to save your cash for what you need, instead of what you want.

Tip 6: Make a Budget and Shop According to it

As the saying goes, ‘always cut your coat according to your cloth’. Likewise, it is best to decide on your budget prior to going out shopping for clothes.

Tip 7: Focus on Appropriate Care for Your Clothes

The fact is that, if you can maintain your clothes and any other pieces of band or brand merch you have bought, they always last longer! You can do this by taking adequate care of them, either by hand washing these, dry cleaning them and darning them, as and  when required!

Tip 8: Use Creativity to Give a New Twist to Old Clothes

Sometimes, even though your old clothes are in a good condition, they may seem rather boring to you! The good news is that they do not need to be this way forever! All you need to do is simply add some creativity to them! Adding a satin ribbon or lace edging to the neck and sleeves of an old top; or simply tying up your Avenged Sevenfold T-shirt at the waist; instead of leaving it loose or tucking it in, are some innovative ways of doing this.

Tip 9: Blend Branded and Non Branded Outfits

One of the best ways to look chic and yet, not have to blow up all your cash on apparel shopping- is by amalgamating expensive designer wear items, with reasonable and budget-friendly pieces of clothing and accessories. Being a regular visitor to music concerts, I generally team up branded denim jeans with my latest Avenged Sevenfold t-shirt!

Tip 10: Buy Clothes That You Are Sure to Wear

A lot of people who go clothes shopping, end up with a wardrobe that is stuffed to overflowing, but which contains very few wearable pieces of clothing. This is honestly a huge waste of money and clothes. So, the next time you buy clothes, be sure you will wear them!

This article was written by Alexia .H. Della, a fashion music enthusiast, who is an avid collector of merch from the portals of bands like the Avenged Sevenfold.