Tackling Office Related Stress; How CBT Can Help

It is difficult to escape and work-related stress can be detrimental not only to your health, but to your life outside the workplace, as well. Managing it can be just as taxing for the employer, too; the mental wellbeing of his workers is of vital importance. If work related stress is left to continue, untreated, the effects can lead to mental breakdowns and ill health. However, an employer can support his staff through vexing times by employing CBT in the workplace. To help with deciding if CBT is worth applying to ease stress, here is a brief guide of how it can help.

What is CBT?

CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy) is a form of therapy that focuses on changing your perception of the world around you and how you can alter those views. Sessions aim to teach people how emotional disturbances are often not caused by events but by the beliefs people firmly hold about these events. CBT can help people change their self-perception of events and let go of any self-defeating beliefs they have and turn them into more a positive and healthy mentality to benefit both the individual and the world around them. It can help people identify what may be causing the negative behaviour and how to move around the obstacle in order to reach a more peaceful state of mind.

How can CBT benefit my Employees?

The workplace can be the source of stress and as a manager; you may not be able to find time to attend to problems brought up by office tension. As mentioned above, it serves to analyse the cause of negative thoughts and behaviour and while it cannot change the situation, it can help in adjusting how one reacts. Encouraging workers to talk about how they feel about themselves and their colleagues is beneficial. CBT will help challenge negative thoughts that can be brought on when feeling low. For instance, if you are feeling down one day and a colleague offers a critique on your work, you may take it the wrong way and feel like you have been rejected. This can lead to things such as you ‘sensing’ that they dislike you and avoiding the person from that moment on. CBT can challenge this by encouraging helpful thoughts such as acknowledging that they are helping you to improve by suggesting advice.

How can I Employ this in the Workplace?

Many companies are turning to CBT for help in reducing anxiety and stress with their staff, as it is a cost effective form of therapy. CBT can be administered through sending an employee who has life coaching skills on a specialist course to obtain a diploma to provide the therapy to your workers.  Not only will this be beneficial for your employees, but will allow you to have your onsite life coach trained to provide the therapy.

CBT is an excellent form of therapy to give your employees during moments of stress and anxiety. If administered and used correctly, it can lead to a harmonious work environment, which is also excellent for productivity!

Harry Price is a multi talented young man.  He can speak 3 languages fluently, plays several musicial instruments and plays football for his local league team.