Manila: The Melting Pot Of Foreign Fashion Giants

Manila residents and visitors have always had a unique taste of fashion and style. This aspect however has been largely hidden and unknown to the world. In the recent past, there has been an interesting development as far as fashion is concerned. Multinational fashion giants such as Forever 21 have helped bring to the surface what has largely been considered a fashion-conservative society. When the industry giant opened its doors two years ago, fashion-conscious Filipinos flocked into these stores in search of the latest and hottest fashion trends as well as items of value. Following the expansion of the firm in both 2011 and 2012, other fashion giants have seen an opening into this underserved fashion market.

Australian, Japanese, UK and Korean fashion firms have ever since set foot into this lucrative market. In fact, questions have been raised following this latest trend of retail development in Manila. Upon a closer analysis into the kind of firms entering the Manila fashion market, the following were unearthed by our fashion observers.

 The Quality of Japanese Wear

Japanese fashion industry has been known to produce quality clothing. A discussion of Manila fashion without the mention of Japanese wear would be largely incomplete. The classic designs that are conspicuous in Manila shopping malls speak volumes about the versatility and style of the Japanese fashion.  Fashion giants such as UNIQLO have their products well marketed in Manila and the degree of penetration that this brand and other Japanese fashion giants have had in this market is tremendous. Manila residents can now enjoy a wide array of clothing which comes in different colors, designs, shapes and prints. The excellence of the Philippine service industry has been singled out as one of the major attraction of the Japanese fashion companies.

The UK Fashion Sparkle

United Kingdom fashion firms have also not been left behind.  Their main target is the feminine fashion populace in Manila. Firms such as Miss Selfridge have made Manila a home with its fun, flirty and feminine designs that bring out the girly and stylish nature of ladies in this town. Their brands have a balanced mixture of color accent, glitter and ruffles. This makes their outfits petite and perfect for Asian body shapes.

A Taste of Korean Fashion

The Manila fashion pot is far from boiling. Korean fashion companies have also set foot in this city. The feel of Asian that comes with the Korean apparel makes them easily fit into the fashion tapestry of Manila and Philippines at large.

Robinsons Group and Basic House are stealing the show with their basic casual wear specialties. Talk of the plain tees, the chinos and the knitwear; these retail giants have it all. They aptly satisfy the hunger for fashion, style and hot trends evident in the Manila cosmopolitan population. 

The Australian Value Equation

The Kangaroo republic represented by one of its multinational retail giants Cotton On, has a wide footprint in Manila. It opened its store in September 2012 adding to its long chain of stores worldwide. Their target is simple; to reach out to the style-savvy and value-conscious men and women of Asia. Their apparel is affordable and has a unique tag of fashion. Their brands entail sleepwear, underwear, swimwear, classic shoes and other accessories.

The reason for the heavy presence of Cotton On, Miss Selfridge and other foreign giants in Manila is to capitalize on the city’s appreciation for fashion, trends and value. Many more fashion bigwigs are yet to come as the city becomes more attractive and cosmopolitan.

Rose is a fashion blogger who has an eye for detail. She reads widely and always researches on fashion and related deiciplines.