How To Find A Certified DOT Physical Examination

If you’re looking for a possible career in commercial driving, whether you’re interested in limousines, school buses, or charter buses, you’re going to need a certified DOT physical exam in order to successfully accomplish your goal.

Luckily, finding a certified DOT physical exam center is not too daunting of a task with the help of an online tool called The website is a simple, easy way to find and book physical examinations for your required exam on a commercial driving application.

By accessing the DOT physical examination location center on you’re saving yourself time and excess stress because you’ll be able to find a certified exam location with the click of a few buttons.

Why Do You Need a Website Like

Every state requires some type of physical assessment prior to operating a commercial motor vehicle. At Driver Physicals they explain what the doctors are looking for and what the different perimeters of a successful test are.

You may not Qualify for a Commercial License if:

*Your Blood Pressure is Too High

*If Vision is Not 20/40 Together and Individually, You’ll Need Special Exemptions from the Federal Vision Exemption Committee.

*If You Have Diabetes You’re Limited to Certification Years.

*Illegal Substances, Insulin, Anti-Seizure Medications Will All Disqualify You. allows you to search by categories, as well as locations, for different testing centers involving flight physicals, DOT physicals, drug tests, and school bus driver physicals. If you’re looking by locations than just plug in your state and see what kind of centers you may have in your immediate area. All of these centers provide certified tests by state standards and federal law.

Once you’ve found a location via the website call the provided number to set up an appointment if necessary – make sure that you also grab the address and website information of the exam provider. When you arrive at the testing center to obtain your physical make sure that you have all of the needed information for a successful exam.

For example, if you’re taking any medications, please make sure to bring documentation or prescriptions, especially if you’re taking blood pressure medication or medicinal marijuana. Typically, these drugs will result in limitations or disqualifications, especially unauthorized usage of an illegal substance. But if you have crohn’s disease, extreme anxiety, or cancer doctors may offer you a medicinal form of marijuana. By providing this information to test officials, you’ll be in a better situation than if you refuse and drug tests show certain chemicals within your body.

Quick Tips When Taking Physical

·      Make sure that you relax because examiners will take your blood pressure and base your years of certification on the results. They want an accurate reading so if you’re feeling stressed at the moment just let the examiner know and he or she will retake blood pressure multiple times for consistent results.

·      Get beneficial sleep prior to your exam. You will need to take a vision exam and pass with a 20/40 vision summary (together and individually) or you’ll need special approving from the Federal Vision Exemption Committee. If you have decent eyesight, achieving a 20/40 should not be difficult but just make sure that you’re rested.

This post was provided by Matthew Hall from Orlando, Florida. Matthew has been writing professionally for the last 3 years. When he isn’t busy working you can find him at his local gym.