As The Weather Heats Up, So Does The American Style.

American Trends: Getting Fluttered Away and Red, White, and Flirty

Here are some of the style tips and trends that Americans are obsessing about this summer. It’s almost time for the 4th of July and everyone in America is excited to show their love for their country! Whether it’s stars and stripes or to mix and match red, white, and blue, people are rocking this patriotic look for summer. One big trend that Hollywood celebrities and women alike are raving about is butterfly prints. Butterflies accentuate the perfect feminine spin on a dress and skirt, including accessories for any fun and flirty attire. They are seen on celebrities such as Shailene Woodley (The Fault In Our Stars), Jessica Chastain (Thirty Dark Zero), and singer Mariah Carey.  One clothing item every women needs in their closet this summer is a pair of tank and silky pants. These flowy pants are office friendly and great to mix with prints or bold colors. They give any woman’s figure a relaxed shape that will smooth out and heighten your curves.

Dresses For Every Woman At Every Budget

Americans are looking to show off their legs in any way possible. There isn’t a better way to do that than in a comfortable and flattering dress! The three following dresses are meant to play up with your shape for every body size. The first dress that is universally pleasing is the fit and flare. The reason why so many women love this dress is because it gives them a curvy waist, bigger bust, and slim hips without revealing too much skin. The prices on these dresses can range anywhere from 20 to 200 dollars in any women’s department store. For women looking to boost their hourglass frame should consider buying a sheath dress. Some of these dresses have a little higher price tag. However, this fitted look is a good investment for your evening wear, whether you’re going on vacation or go with your girlfriends. The final dress you’ll want to have for your summer attire is everyone’s favorite, the shift dress! Women tend to opt for this style because it’s great on boyish shapes and concealing the middle section of your body.  It’s comfortable to wear, breathable material, a loose fit, and easy to move around. It’s a laid back look that would go perfectly from day into evening.

Summer Tips To Keep You Looking Cool   

Here are some tricks that Americans are pulling off with their summer time accessories! Blue and green jewelry add cool tones to your wardrobe for those hot summer days. If you don’t feel like adding anything heavy, throw on a cool tone scarf. Whether it’s a bright print or neutral, it develops a chic twist to any outfit. Knotting your maxi dress has been seen on Hollywood celebrities such as Nicole Richie and Julianne Hough. It’s a simple yet classy look that instantly turns a floor-feeding maxi dress into a cute mini dress. Finally, to make yourself stand apart from the rest, try adding an easy-flowing white button-up shirt. It can be either the perfect summer cover up or a classy masculine look for the office

Elizabeth L. specializes in trending in the United States, she is private stylist for celebrieties. Eli works as fashion contibutor for the most known lifestyle magazines in US.