5 Things Smart Drivers Do To Avoid Tyre Blowouts

If you’re a person who loves going on car rides, especially long distance, then this article is a must read for you. Tyre punctures along a highway can be very tricky to handle, but even worse are tyre blowouts.

Before you set out on your journey, here is a must do checklist in order to avoid facing tyre blowouts;  they can be fatal at times. There are several online forums that will help guide you to have a safe and hassle-free journey.

Be a smart driver and avoid tyre blowouts.

1. Check the Air Pressure in your Tyres

Do you pay attention the inflation level of your tyres? If no, it’s high time you started doing so. It is this air that is responsible for a comfortable and safe ride, by supporting the weight of the vehicle and passengers. Underinflation of tyres is one of the biggest causes for tyre blowouts, leading to fatal road accidents.

Always make sure that your tyres are optimally inflated, and check for leaks periodically. The right tyre pressure for your vehicle will be mentioned on the driver’s doorpost or your vehicle owner’s manual. By conducting periodical checks, you prevent components of the tyre from wearing out and falling apart.

2. Prevent Overloading

A vehicle is designed to carry only a specified load. If you overload your vehicle with people or cargo beyond a point, the tyres are sure to give way. All your baggage may fit in your car with ease, but find out what the Gross Vehicular Weight Rating of your vehicle is. If the luggage goes beyond a point, either transport it in multiple shifts or opt for a bigger vehicle to reduce the risk of tyre blowout due to overloading.

3. Examine Tyres after Trauma

In case you’ve been in an accident recently, like hitting a footpath or a boulder, examine your tyres well for any damage. You may not have noticed it at that time, but get it checked by a professional before a long journey. In case you notice any irregularities in your tyres, don’t ignore it. You may have run over a nail or a shard of glass which may prove to be a hindrance while you drive. Also, consult with an expert whether you need to replace the tyre or just mend the puncture in such cases.

4.  Drive Carefully on Bad Roads

Your tyres can withstand potholes or speed bumps, only to some extent. Next time you’re driving on a bad road, reduce your speed in order to protect the tyres from strain. Keep your eyes on the road and prevent tyre blowouts by driving slowly around potholes and bad roads.

5.  Replace Worn Out Tyres

It may seem as a method of cost cutting, but it can cost you your life if you drive with worn out tyres. Old tyres can give way at any time, so take care to have them checked periodically for any wear and tear. Don’t delay buying new tyres.

Guidelines to prevent tyre blowouts can be found online with ease. Be a smart driver and avoid tyre blowouts. Your life depends on it.

This article has been contributed by Azzam Sheikh, a smart driver and tyre consultant at Tyre-Shopper.