5 Reasons A Long-Term Substance Abuse Treatment Center Is Better

If you’re at the point where you have decided you or someone you love needs help with an addiction, you’re in the right place.

Determining whether or not you or your loved one should be admitted into a long-term substance abuse facility is a tough choice and should not be made lightly. Substance abuse is something many deal with and it should not be taken lightly. However, the correct research should be done in advance of making a decision on how to properly treat a disease such as substance abuse. Some people will argue that a long-term substance abuse treatment center is better and others will take the opposing opinion.

Here are Five Reasons why it may in fact be the best choice:

1. It is all about the Lifestyle

Most people do not wake up one morning and decide they are going to abuse a particular substance. It takes months if not years of poor lifestyle choices and bad influences to get to a point where there are serious financial, mental and physical consequences. By removing yourself or your loved one from this toxic environment, you will create a positive and clean environment for that person to thrive in.

2. Fostering a support system

Support is a key ingredient in success, whether you are running a race or trying to beat an addiction. If you chose a long-term substance abuse treatment center you will ensure that you have the most optimal and best support system possible. You will have a team of experts helping you reach your goals each and every day, and you will foster friendships with individuals that are dealing with similar struggles. You will be able to help each other out and you may understand each other better than other people looking in on your addiction.

3. Everyday accountability

By moving into a place that surrounds you with long-term support you are ensuring that you will be held accountable to your actions each and every day. There won’t be a day where you slip up without having to be accountable for those actions. If you do not choose a long term substance abuse treatment center, you may have days where you are able to lose focus on your goals and, in a sense, you may “get away” with doing it because you aren’t constantly being held accountable.

4. Easy access to counseling

Many times, substance abuse is paired with depression or other mental illness that isn’t always easy to detect at first. By utilizing a long-term substance abuse treatment center, you will likely have access to counseling services seven days a week. This means that if you are feeling like you may be faced with depression or another mental illness, you will be able to go and talk to a professional right away; you won’t have to wait to see a specialist in your area.

5. Daily motivation to reach your Goals

Being surrounded with individuals of the same mindset and professionals whose sole purpose is to help you succeed is a recipe for success. Surrounding yourself with positive energy and thoughts will allow you to reap the rewards and start your journey into sobriety faster.

Motivation is a huge player of the game of life and if you aren’t motivated to have a better life, you will never get there. Surrounding yourself with people that will help motivate you and provide you with the feedback and tools you need to be successful is something that individuals that do not chose a long-term substance abuse treatment center won’t always have access to. This can be detrimental to their progression forward, which is why it is so important to have the proper motivators and drivers in your everyday life.

Between people, incentives and lifestyle, having proper motivators around you makes a huge difference and will hugely impact how fast you are able to live a healthy, happy and sober lifestyle.
Overall, choosing a long-term substance abuse treatment center will provide you or your loved one with better, faster and more positive results when it comes to battling addiction. Utilizing the right people and tools is what is most important when you are on the path to remission.

This article was written by Jerry Suarez, who hails from a family of addicts and knows a lot about how to overcome alcohol addiction.