4 Tips For Planning Your Wedding

Planning your wedding doesn’t need to be a stress-filled event. Giving yourself enough time to both plan and complete tasks related to your special day reduces wedding-related anxieties significantly.

Instead of waiting until the last minute to get things done set up an extended time frame so you can check each to do item off of your list in a calm, orderly fashion.

Plan Over the Long Haul

Begin planning your wedding early to avoid the panic which besets couples who start planning a few months before the special day. Some couples are lazy while others underestimate the amount of work that needs to be put into the planning process.

Celebrate your engagement for a few weeks then if you’re serious about marrying soon start working out the details of your wedding. Make sure not to overlook anything by hurrying through the process.

Use a Datebook

Working from a datebook creates order and calm in your mind. Establish set dates when you wish to complete certain tasks. You may want to have your wedding  limousine services handled by a specific date. Mark down the day to motivate yourself to complete this job in a timely fashion.

Deadlines move otherwise lazy, procrastinating people into firm and definite action. Invest in a datebook to plan your wedding intelligently. Set a goal to complete as much wedding-related work as possible in the first months after setting a wedding day to avoid the often times chaotic last few weeks leading up to your special day.

Make Time

Pick one or a few days each week to handle wedding-related tasks. If you maintain a busy schedule or have procrastinated simply set aside 2 days or more each week to get your planning done.

Meet with your spouse in a quiet spot to go over your action plan. Working together ensures that both parties are on the same page throughout the process. For example, you may have already ordered flowers yet your spouse may be starting the process of whittling down the list of potential florists.

Work Together

Sharing duties helps you work as a team. Teammates are better able to complete wedding-related tasks in a timely fashion.

Halve the list of jobs to be completed to work efficiently. If both parties want to be involved in the process you can plan your wedding from a stress-free place. Neither party should force the other to do anything they wish not to do. The groom may prefer to handle renting a limo and researching wedding halls while the bride may want to handle the floral arrangements and sending out wedding invitations. Work together to get the job done effectively.

Get the Details

Make sure you receive each and every detail when working with professionals. If you’re working with florists or caterers you need to know the specifics to avoid any confusion or wedding day mishaps. Get on the same page as far as expectations. Sign a contract specifying locations, times and dates to ensure that both parties have a clear understanding of what to expect.