3 Efficient Ways To Stop Smoking

Smoking is certainly one of the most devastating vices of the 21st century, as it can wreak havoc on your health and finances before you even know it. The age at which people usually start smoking has also decreased significantly, most of them starting to smoke tobacco at 10, blissfully unaware of the damaging effects it will have on their skin, teeth, lung and all the other internal organs. It is a known fact that smoking increases the risk for stroke, heart disease and certain types of cancer, and if you have decided to quit smoking, then the good news is that there are many ways in which you can do it. Here are three of the most efficient ones:

1. Try Physical Activity and Relaxation Techniques 

It is known that physical activity can benefit you on many different levels. Not only is it efficient for those who are trying to overcome an addiction, be it an alcohol, a drug or a smoking addiction, but it will also help you stay in shape and improve your overall health. All you need to do is to make sure that you enjoy at least half an hour of moderate physical activity – you can focus on either aerobic or anaerobic training, as long as you are concentrated on achieving your goals. You will soon start to notice how all of your tobacco cravings go away, simply because you will be too busy achieving your fitness goals to even think about nicotine.

Physical activity will also improve your oxygen intake, which has been significantly diminished by smoking. In addition to sports, you can also opt for various relaxation techniques that may help you overcome stress, from yoga and hypnosis to special massage and deep breathing exercises. You will be amazed to see the effect of these exercises on your body, your mind and your smoking needs.

2. Nicotine Replacement Therapy Works Like Magic!

One of the most efficient techniques people use to quit smoking these days is the nicotine replacement therapy, which means substituting your cigarettes for a replacement. Commonly referred as NRT, the nicotine replacement therapy is designed to help you reduce your daily nicotine intake by helping you cope with the cravings. There are several nicotine patches, inhalers and nasal sprays that you can use, and there are other medications designed for those who want to stop smoking as well. You can also try special nicotine gum that will help you gradually reduce your nicotine needs.

3. Enroll In a Professional Program 

If you have tried both methods described above yet you were unable to quit smoking, then a last resort measure can be enrolling in one of the hundreds of specialized programs designed for smokers who want to overcome their tobacco addiction. No matter if you have been a smoker for three months or thirty years, you will get all the professional help and support that you need. Also, these programs typically encompass some long-term relapse prevention techniques as well. Your body will certainly thank you for your choice, later in life!

John Morgenstein is a journalist and writer located in Bangkok, Thailand. He writes mostly about health, addictions and sports. His hobbies are football and martial arts.