What To Expect From A Good Infertility Clinic And From Your First Visit

The decision to have any sort of IVF treatment is an expensive and serious consideration. Once you have made the decision to do it you can be sure to have some concerns about the process. You would however, feel much better if you had a bit of guidance or a map so to speak for what you could expect from your first visit to an infertility clinic all the way to your first treatment. It is suggested first of all that you bring your partner that will be participating with the treatment as well. It is not just the women to be considered and we will go into why that is true here.

Prior to your Visit

Regardless of the dynamic you have as your family you should sit down with your partner and discuss your reasons, concerns and expectations. Then you need to research which clinics are right for both of you. Even if your partner is not taking part in the process physically as in same-sex partnerships, you still should include them since the process will affect their life as well. The infertility clinic you choose should have several qualities that are earmarks of a clinic that will serve you the best.

 – Friendly and Communicative Staff:

The staff is the front-line that will greet the patients and their families first so they are a reflection on the company itself. If the staff is knowledgeable, patient and willing to be open to answering questions then you have probably happened upon a good clinic.

 – Doctors that are Willing to Communicate:

Too often, fertility clinics become revolving door egg mills. This means they want your business, and then out as quickly as possible because they are making their money in volume. This is not a good sign and as soon as you discover that you are being rushed and your needs are being slighted; get out. There are plenty of other clinics around.

 – Eagerness to Test a Bit much:

If your insurance covers you in-part or if you can afford it out-of-pocket then you may happen upon a clinic that gets test and treatment happy. Meaning, they will subject you to a few more tests and treatments that are not necessary just to collect a bit more.

Now that you have stumbled upon the best colorado infertility clinic for you we will now go to what you can expect on your first visit.

No need to pack anything or to be nervous. You won’t normally be subjected to anything more than a sample or a blood test depending on who you are, male or female. You will be most likely having your first consultation with the doctor so that you can air your concerns and discuss further options and the possible prognosis of the treatment option you have chosen. Along with this, you will be filling out paperwork like insurance forms or whatever is required of the financial end. It should be no more than three hours but no less than one or you may consider looking elsewhere. You can rest and collect data on this day while you and your partner digest what is about to happen.