Types Of Breast Augmentation Recovery

Types Of Breast Augmentation Recovery
Those women, who think that their natural breasts are small in size in comparison to their physical profile, usually go for breast augmentation. If we consider the global statistics it is surprising to know that besides liposuction and Botox treatment, breast augmentation surgeries are the third most popular both in terms of success rate and in the number of surgeries conducted globally. There are basically two types of breast augmentation surgeries. One is saline breast implants where saline water in inserted in a silicone shell and is implanted in the breast. The other method is cohesive gel implants or silicone gel implants where implants made of silicone gel are inserted in the breast. The recovery from Breast augmentation surgery is not always the same as there are many physical concerns that come into consideration.

Recovery Regime Within A Week Of The Surgery

  • The breast will be covered by gauze immediately after the surgery.
  • A drainage tube is attached to the breast which will remove any liquid accumulated on the surgical area. This is usually removed within few days of the surgery.
  • For a smooth recovery the most important are the first few days. Hence do not pick heavy tools or go for exercise routine that are exhaustive. This can delay the recovery process considerably.

Risks And Complication During The Recovery

  • After the anesthetic effect is over, a pain can be discomforting for the first couple of days or more but this pain is not severe. Rather than taking pain killers from over the counter shop, talk to your surgeon for pain relief medicines.
  • Sometimes after the surgery one can have changed sensation in the entire breast and in the nipples. There may also be hardening of the scar tissues around the breast which can also add up to the discomfort.
  • There is a chance of bleeding if the dressing is not properly done. Another reason for this may be the habit of smoking that enhances the chance of bleeding during the surgery.
  • Displacement of the position of the implant may be a problem that occurs during the recovery process. Using textured implants rather than smooth implants in the initial process of implant, can remove such risks during the recovery period.
  • Leakage of the implants or rupture on the implant walls can be a serious risk during the recovery period. In case of saline implants, a blow to the chest is the first sign that the implant has ruptured. But in case of silicone implants, the leakage does not give indication initially. Hence FDA advices to go for mammography test every two years to check whether the implant has ruptured or not.

One the most problem areas of silicone breast implant is the risk of developing capsular contracture. Sometimes the collagen fibres around the breast tighten as they realize the breast implant as a foreign body. These scar and collagen tissues create a pressure on the breast implant which in severe cases, has to be removed.
Hi I am Alice, a school teacher in California. I heard about breast augmentation surgery last year  and I went for highly cohesive gel implants three months back. Today I feel very satisfied the way I look and it has also made my family life quite happy.