Love Yoga? Take A Yoga Vacation

I don’t know of anyone who doesn’t look forward to their vacation time. For most people, this only comes around once a year, if at all, so when you get the chance to jet off somewhere and relax for a week or two, it’s a time you’ll treasure. There are all sorts of vacations from action and adventure, to chilling out by the side of a swimming pool.
If you’re someone who loves to do yoga as your chosen form of exercise, it may surprise you to know that you don’t have to leave it behind when you go on vacation. There are tons of companies who will tailor your vacation so you can enjoy your favorite form of exercise, as well as get some much needed rest.
You’re also not limited to where you go. It’s possible to find yourself a mountain retreat with stunning views of snow capped mountains, and beautiful forest covered valleys. If you like the beach, you can take a yoga vacation somewhere on the coast. If you’re a person who hates to be away from the city, there are spas that bask in the glorious city lights by night, so you’ll never be far away from where it’s all happening.
You may at this point, be thinking you have to be some kind of yoga guru to be able to take a vacation like this. Not so, there are teachers at every resort who will teach people at all levels of yoga. Even if you’ve decided to try yoga for the first time, there will be an instructor who will be able to show you all of the basic moves. Every single instructor is properly qualified to teach, and their credentials are thoroughly checked by the company who employs them.
Of course, you won’t have to get up at the crack of dawn (unless that’s what you like to do), and you won’t be practicing yoga every minute of the day. Like other vacations, yoga vacation is designed so you can also do a bit of relaxing and sight-seeing as well. If you choose a resort, your yoga classes will normally take place there however there are companies who will take you to places where you can practice.
Depending on the type of resort you go to will depend on where you’re taken. If it’s on the coast, you can enjoy an early morning workout right on the beach front. What could be more exhilarating than practicing your favorite yoga moves in brilliant sunshine while listening to the waves crashing on to the beach around you?
Better still, for those of you that love to be surrounded by nature, it’s possible to take a trip to a secluded part of a forest, and practice yoga whilst listening to the birds singing and the distant sound of waterfalls. Nothing could be more idyllic.
Your instructor will help you hone your yoga skills, and at the same-time you can take in the beauty of the place you have chosen to stay. Of course, relaxing time is important too, and you will find top quality restaurants with gorgeous views. What could be better than enjoying dinner whilst watching a blazing sunset over the horizon?
You will return from your vacation feeling refreshed and invigorated, and you will also be far better at yoga than you were before you left.
Author:Chris has been a Yoga instructor at Yoga Retreat in Costa Rica who loves writing on the health and fitness industry.