Interview Tips: How To Get The Job

We’ve all been there; the initial application was a success and now you’ve been called in for an interview. You’re nervous and excited and not actually sure where to start with the interview preparation. Sure, some people go unprepared to the interview and ace it but most of us need some sort of preparation to be able to really ‘wow’ during the interview.
Before the Interview
Research! One of the most important measures to take before an interview is to research the company. Someone would have contacted you to set up the interview but that’s not going to be enough. Where is the company located? What do they specialise in? What are the potentials for growth in the future? Just pop the company name into Google and it’s more than likely to give you some good information.
It’s also important to know the basics about your previous employers. This can include some of the growth they experienced while you were there (if you had a part in the growth, even better!).
Another factor you need to consider is some common interview questions. These are questions usually asked by most employers so they have an idea of where you want to be and your potential for growth. Practice verbalising your goals and career plans, both long- and short term, so you are prepared when the interviewer asks you. It’s also a good idea to write down 3-4 goals you achieved while with your previous employer so you can clearly state these when asked.
During the Interview
Start with the basics when you’re going to the interview. Don’t look like a bum! Dress professionally and pay attention to all aspects of your clothes even if you’re going for a construction or labour job. It’s also important to be on time or early. If you’re going to be late, make sure you call the interviewer to inform them.
While you’re being interviewed, ensure you are listening to the questions and answering them accordingly. If you never get asked what your long term plans are, then don’t tell them about it unless it’s appropriate.
Another important aspect in being successful in a job interview is to ensure you don’t say any derogatory remarks about your present or former employer as it will reflect negatively on you. While you shouldn’t speak negatively about your old employer, it’s important you are honest about the reasons you have chosen to leave.
And of course you need to remain positive and enthusiastic about the position you are applying for so the interviewer knows you are genuinely interested in the job. Even if it feels like the interview isn’t going as well as it could, always remain optimistic and enthusiastic so the interviewer knows you are passionate and willing to keep trying.
After the Interview
It can be a good idea to send a “thank you” email or phone call to the employer to reaffirm your interest in the position, however, it’s important you don’t overstep any boundaries so make sure your communication is welcome. You will usually have an idea about this from meeting the person during the interview and any past communication you might have had.
While it can be daunting to go for an interview, the stress can be lessened with good preparation. Always make sure you are enthusiastic and well researched before the interview and you will be more likely to succeed. Good luck!
Julie works on behalf of PPS, a Perth based recruitment agency specialising in the mining jobs.