How To Match Your Personality With Exciting Style Choices

“It’s just not me” is a sentiment that most people can relate to when it comes to certain styles of clothing.  Such thoughts can also lead to people suffering from a severe lack of confidence in terms of their dress sense, which in turn can have a profound impact on other aspects of their life.
We explored how to make the most of your style choices, based on your personality, and never again suffer confidence issues or any other fashion-related problems.

Accept Yourself

Look, if you don’t look good in a particular style or colour, then that’s just the way it is. It doesn’t mean that there is anything wrong with you or you are abnormal, it’s just the natural variation that all of us have from each other. Let’s face it, without it we would all be walking around dressed the same, and that would be very boring, wouldn’t it?
Once you have accepted yourself, and know what you look good in, the fashion world is really your oyster. If you can be you at all times, then you have a lot of power, and that will shine through in your confident personality, no matter what you wear.

Where to Shop

As soon as you are happy with ‘what is you,’ then you will know the types of shops you want to target. If you are looking for particular niche styles, then you may find yourself shopping online, which in itself comes with a huge array of benefits.
At the same time, there is nothing like heading out to an actual store, picking out styles that you like best, and then feeling that unmistakeable sense of excitement when you try something on and realise how amazing you look.
Stick to what you know, too. If you know you look great in a particular range, don’t spend money elsewhere trying to be something you aren’t

Religion and Personality

Should you need to dress in a particular manner for religious reasons, this doesn’t mean that you have to forfeit putting your own take on a style. Many examples of Islamic dress, such as the jilbab and the abaya, for example, are now available in a variety of colours, while some even feature simple patterns. If you wish to dress according to your faith or other social customs, ensure you continue to explore ways of expressing yourself through your style.
Giving yourself this level of all-round fashion freedom could change you forever. You will be happier, more confident, and as a result more successful in every aspect of your life.
This is an article has has been written by Aisha Malik from Aab Collection. Aisha has been writing articles about fashion for a number of years, specialising in Islamic clothing such as kaftan dresses, the abaya, and the jilbab.