How Moms Celebrate Ladies' Night Out: 5 Funky Ideas to Feel Young & Hot

Just because you’ve earned the title “Mom” doesn’t mean you can’t hang out with girlfriends and go a little wild and have some fun. It’s time for the unusual, the fun and the exciting and here are five top places to go and things to do so you’ll feel young and free again.

1. Get on Stage at Piano Bars


Image via Flickr kc7fys

Almost every major metropolitan area has a piano bar or two. Find ones where dueling piano players perform on a stage that allows for audience interaction. Get the girls together, find that slinky dress you never wear anymore and make a night of it.
You may have to tip the piano players but they will invite your gang up on stage to dance to the music and strut your stuff. You can even make the gang dance a surprise by informing the host or hostess and asking them to announce the group. Give up your best moves because the crowd will be watching.

2. Take Pole Dancing Lessons

Pole dancing isn’t just for girlie clubs anymore where men ogle and women in the audience are rare. These days you can learn how to pole dance in your home or in a studio—even some nightclubs offer pole dancing lessons with an audience to boot.
Be hot and wild and wear a sexy bra or bikini top and attach some pasty tassels to really feel sexy. Along with letting it all hang out, pole dancing is excellent exercise for moms of all ages—don’t forget the feather boas!

3. Go Out to That New Hot Club

Most moms will tell you they can’t remember the last time they went out to a nightclub. Find the popular one in your town and take the fun a step further. If the gang chips in, why not rent a limousine and arrive in style.
Do dress up in that little black or red dress and pull out the heels you never wear anymore. Even if the music isn’t your style, dancing is fun to any beat so show your dance rhythms and own the floor.

4. Visit Restaurants by Country

Feel sexy in French, Italian or Spanish restaurants and make sure gang takes along a list of common words and phrases to your restaurant of choice to engage the wait staff.
Saying “hello” as bonjour, ciao or hola sounds mysterious and make sure to use as many foreign words and phrases as you can. Play a game with the wait staff and ask them to grade the gang on who has the best accent for the language at hand. Do this event with all the foreign restaurants in your city.

5. Kick the Boys Out and Stay In

You can have a ladies’ night out right in your own home. Make sure the family stays away and make your in-house gala a cozy one where everyone is in PJs and receives manicures and pedicures.
Or, dress up in your best sexy outfit and have a lingerie show. Search for companies on the Internet that have representatives in your area who will come with models to walk the runway just for you. Sip champagne and eat chocolate-covered cherries.  You can really get things lively and vocal by renting a Karaoke machine and belting out your favorites.
All moms need time away from their families and careers and these five ideas will help you feel and stay young and above all, laugh with your friends all evening.