How Can An Automotive Call Center Help Your Business?

How Can An Automotive Call Center Help Your Business?

For the owner of a car dealership, using an automotive call center can be beneficial and increase your profitability. The use of an automotive call center, when properly integrated with your existing sales staff, can increase sales opportunities and help you sift through the many web-based and outside sales leads you receive.

Although there are differing opinions regarding the utility of automotive call centers versus existing salespersons, the dealerships that maintain relationships with these business development centers (BDCs as they are often called) find them an invaluable addition to their business and their company’s revenue. Learning about automotive call centers is the first step in determining its value to you and your auto dealership.

What is an Automotive Call Center?

Automotive call centers are off-site sourcing facilities that provide you with assistance in processing sales leads. The use of the Internet as a tool for sales has made these centers necessary. The number of individuals who begin searching for a car online has increased significantly in the last few decades. According to market research firm Dataium, 90% of car shoppers get their information via the web before ever setting foot in a dealership.

How Does A Call Center Benefit My Auto Dealership?

Using a call center allows you to process requests that come from Internet leads and prepare your staff for potential sales opportunities. Call centers may also be used to handle Internet sales directly, saving you time, money, and effort that would be better used persuading a walk-in to make a new or used car purchase. An automotive call center can also assist a dealer’s sales staff by allowing them to focus on higher visitor-to-lead business conversions, at a rate of 8% of walk-in traffic, versus the 1% lead conversion of Internet traffic.

Another benefit to using an automotive call center to process web traffic is the costs associated with training sales associates on using technology, such as smart phones and laptop or PC computers. Ideally, you want to have in-house sales people versed on all sales tools but the reality is that there is a cultural disconnect between tech savvy Internet call center employees and older in-house sales professionals with years of selling experience. An automotive call center can help you strike the appropriate mix between the two for maximum revenue.

What Are the Typical Costs Associated with Using an Automotive Call Center?

The costs associated with retaining the services of an automotive call center depend on the level of service you want for your dealership. Typical costs include those for the staff, associated technology costs for telephone systems and computers, and other ancillary costs that stem from engaging leads and processing potential sales opportunities.

If increasing sales is of interest to you, you need to spend some time learning about automotive call centers and how they may benefit your business. The time you spend understanding the value of an automotive call center may translate into more business for your dealership.

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