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From the first day US Data Corporation users can launch their e-mail marketing. Indeed, US Data Corporation offers a platform e-mail comprehensive, allowing you to create, run and evaluate your campaigns. ‘s features below are provided by default in US Data Corporation:

 Different Standard Models:

 A set-up is done for each user a number of models are already established in your house style. So you do not leave an empty account but you can quickly send your first campaign.

 The Interactive Preview:

 Very creation mode mail user friendly, with which you can make adjustments to the email that you have prepared, without any knowledge of HTML.

 The reunification campaigns:

 Combine all your e-mails per year, so you always have an overview and always have the opportunity to realize significant results.

 Extensive Contact Management:

 As a user of US Data Corporation, you can manage yourself, group and segment your e-mail contacts. The program imposes no limit on the number of creation or field contacts database, so you can create as many divisions as you want to classify your email recipients. In addition, the integrated intelligence gives you the opportunity to add the automatic segmentation to make your emails more targeted.

 The ability to have default entry pages, forms and surveys:

 US Data Corporation gives you the opportunity not only to create emails, but also add entries pages (ie d. accessible only by email web pages). Meanwhile, you can also build forms and surveys at no additional cost.

 An extensive evaluation:

 The standard version of US Data Corporation you generate reports very detailed, allowing you to assess your campaigns. You can monitor and analyze the results online and in real time. In addition, you can not only reproduce the results by country or by e-mail, but also by the recipient. You would know better if you Check-out US Data Corporation on

 Import & Export:

 You can safely save it and / or extract US Data Corporation environment both contacts and statistical models. Regarding the mailing lists, formats ‘csv’, ‘comment’ and ‘xml’ are supported. In addition, you can set up an automatic import and export through our API programming interface system.

 User Management:

 Create simplicity in all different users allowed to work simultaneously in a particular account. In addition, you can adjust the rights of all those users and to comply in accordance with the organization and internal corporate hierarchy

 A Library File:

 You will manage easily all your texts, images and styles in the library file (‘US Data Corporation file library’). US Data Corporation offers the most space possible backup to store all your marketing materials from us on the server, but a link to external servers also remains always possible.

Send to a Friend:

 US Data Corporation also allows you to sort your emails functionality ‘Send-to-Friend “. This gives the opportunity for recipients to easily transfer all email received to other contacts that can, in turn, join your list. With this function, viral marketing is simplified and you can better monitor and analyze such distribution.


 US DATA CORPORATION is a platform for e-mail marketing especially easy to use. A very clear and intuitive interface gives you access to our software. When developing the US Data Corporation interface, the goal was to build the largest fitness for possible use. It is ideal for beginners, as well as its many features are directly accessible to advanced users. If necessary, the user always has an online manual detailed.

 US Data Corporation was designed so that a new user can use the program without any problem, but we expect a default brief training. Each user US Data Corporation has the opportunity to participate in group training organized regularly (or receive online training) explaining the software in a few hours.

 You can always call our email very detailed manual, regularly updated. And if e-mail online manual was not enough, users US Data Corporation can also count on a support service available, either through the message system US Data Corporation , either by email or by phone.


 US Data Corporation was created by a team of experienced software developers. This team has ensured that the platform US Data Corporation always be connected to other systems via Web services. In fact, email marketing can not be isolated from operating activities: opting for US Data Corporation, you opt for a fully integrated system.

API: Application Programming Interface

US Data Corporation has already been connected to CRM, ERP and CMS environments through the proposed default API, also known as the ‘Web Services interface, you will not experience any difficulty in integrating US Data Corporation in your Marketing database or Clients. With this, you no longer need to import or manually export customer lists or address, since this is done automatically and in real time. Do email marketing through internet services is possible.