5 Of The Hottest Date Night Dress Styles

Of all the situations which you need to find an outfit for, a date can be the most nerve-wracking. As you trawl around the shops and scour online fashion websites for the perfect thing to wear, it’s easy to start panicking.
To make life easier, and hopefully to lower your blood pressure a little, here are a few fail-safe dress styles that are perfect for date night.

  1. The little black dress. The LBD is a tried and tested dress style, one that is perfect for a number of different occasions. When it comes to looking sexy, cool and like you haven’t tried too hard for a date, the LBD is the best option to choose. Wear it with colourful accessories and maybe a jacket or blazer, or keep it simple and classy with minimal gold or silver accessories and shoes.
  2. The bright skater dress. Wearing bright colours is a sure-fire way to make a good impression on a first date, as they help you be memorable and giving you a cheerful, bubbly vibe. Choose a flirty and flattering skater dress in a bright colour such as pink, red and emerald green, the latter of which just happens to be the colour trend of 2013.  You can find hundreds of different skater dresses online in a range of bright and bold colours, but make sure you pick one that flatters your skin tone. You might also want to consider a high-neck style if the skater skirt is very short.
  3. The body-con dress. If you really want to knock his socks off on your date, the best dress to wear is a body-con. Provided you choose one that is flattering, hugs your curves and shows off your shape to its best advantage (and is not too short!) you should be on to a winner. Pair with heels and neutral accessories, and tone down your hair and make-up to avoid looking too done-up in your body-con dress.
  4. The ‘hint of lace dress’. Lace is hugely fashionable right now, and it is also a very sexy choice for date night as it will start him thinking of lacy lingerie. The best way to wear lace is in just one part of your dress, such as the sleeves and neckline or the skirt. All-over lace can be a little too much.
  5. The peek-a-boo dress. On a date, it is far sexier to reveal just the smallest glimpse of skin rather than giving him an eyeful of everything. So, rather than choosing a plunging neckline or a bottom-skimming skirt, choose a peek-a-boo dress with cut-out panels at the sides of just below the bust. With this kind of dress, you’re bound to leave him wanting more.

Christine Felton is a writer at Fashion Union who are provider of the latest fashionable young women’s clothing in the UK.