5 Celebrities That Have Owned Rolex Watches

When wanting to sell Rolex watches, there is bound to be a lot of interest in them. Rolex watches are not just owned by business professionals and sports enthusiasts but also celebrities. Although celebrities have been hired by Rolex for their advertising campaigns, many own them. Here are five celebrities that have owned Rolex watches:

Charlie Chaplin

The British silent film actor Charlie Chaplin became one of the most celebrated actors of his generation once he relocated to Hollywood. Along with ‘The Tramp’, ‘The Great Dictator’ and ‘The Kid’, Chaplin starred in other highly celebrated movies such as ‘The Gold Rush’ and ‘City Lights’. Chaplin also owned a Rolex Oyster which was made in 1945. A rare item because not many left handed watches were made by Rolex at this time, this particular model was recently sold for $51,000.

Jean-Claude Killy

Owned by the Olympic skiing champion Jean-Claude Killy, his Rolex Dato-Compax Chronograph originates from 1951. A celebrated personality at the time and also to this day by skiers and other sports enthusiasts, this Rolex Dato-Compax Chronograph was sold at auction in 2012 for $614,000. With three subdials and a triple date, this particular Rolex watch also looks stunning.

Daniel Craig

Having played James Bond on many separate occasions, Daniel Craig has also been spotted wearing various Rolex watches. One of the models that he has worn includes the Pepsi Rolex GMT Master as well as many others. Daniel Craig has even been photographed at media events wearing this particular Rolex model plus the many others he owns.

Sofia Vergara

A Columbian actress, Sofia Vergara is one of the most beautiful women in the world. Vergara has also been spotted wearing a Rolex Daytona. With a black dial that is surrounded by a golden frame, the Rolex Daytona that Vergara has worn does have an aesthetically pleasing appearance, in particular because of its Oysterlock bracelet. Vergara has been photographed in many newspapers which have helped to promote Rolex’s watches further.

John Travolta

The star of numerous movies such as ‘Saturday Night Fever’, ‘Grease’ and ‘Face/Off’, John Travolta is now a qualified airline pilot and owns many planes. Although he is an ambassador for another watch manufacturer, Travolta does wear Rolex watches in his spare time. As many Rolex watches have been designed for airline pilots, it isn’t surprising that Travolta owns them, in particular when flying between time zones.

These celebrities are the tip of the iceberg because there are many other personalities that own them. When deciding to sell Rolex watches, the celebrities that own them can be mentioned in an advertisement, such as on EBay or Amazon. Consequently, a listing can be found by more people because they might have searched for a specific celebrity. As a result, a listing for a Rolex watch can receive many bids because of the celebrities that have owned them. By mentioning any of the celebrities that have bought a particular Rolex watch, it can sell for the right price.

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