Why Your Company Should Move To Cloud Computing

More and more companies are moving to cloud computing these days. Instead of having old-fashioned servers and backup drives, their computers are connected to offsite computing, aka the cloud. There are a slew of reasons for doing so:
Can increase cloud computing power and storage space on the fly
Instead of having to have your IT person buy new servers and backup materials, you can switch your company’s storage, backup, and computing power easily. That gives you a ton of flexibility. You can scale your computing up or down, depending upon what you need, instead of being stuck with hardware or software you don’t need it.
Gives you more office space
With cloud computing, your onsite computing needs will decrease rapidly. So you won’t need to devote limited space to computer rooms that take over everything the way that you did in the past. You can use the extra space to grow your business.
Automatic backups
You can have the backups set up to automatically capture everything that needs to be done. So you don’t have to worry that your backup isn’t working, or that you don’t have enough space on your backup drive. In addition, you don’t need to buy expensive backup equipment.
Easy computer disaster recovery
If some sort of natural or unnatural disaster were to hit your workplace, you could suffer huge losses if you do not have cloud computing, potentially losing all of your data. With cloud computing, you can be up and running very quickly, without having to worry about the loss of your customer list, or any other important data you might have.
Ability to work offsite
With cloud computing, People can work from anywhere: If you have to get something done at the last minute, you could potentially get things done from the privacy of your own home. With the cloud, you can also more easily offer telecommuting options to your employees. This is not only a good way to attract potential employees, it is a way to keep your current staff happy. In addition, this potentially gives you the flexibility to hire from anywhere in the world, and not just have those employees who live within driving distance of work.
You can go mobile
With cloud computing, you can potentially get online, no matter where you are, and what computing device you use. That means that in addition to computers, you could also get on via tablets and smartphone devices.
So why not look into cloud computing, and see how it can change your workplace?
Lisa Swan writes on computing topics for MadisonTi.com.