Saving Money On Your Business Attire

Wearing professional attire is a requirement for many jobs, but you don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars on each outfit to look professional. Buying key pieces in neutral colors will help you get more use out of your clothing. You can also find professional clothing at discount stores or buy your clothing at the end of the season to save money.
Buy One or Two Jackets
Purchasing a suit ensemble is convenient because you don’t have to think about matching the style or color, but you can usually save money by purchasing the pieces separately. It’s best to buy two or three jackets that you love in neutral colors so that you can combine them with pants or skirts to create outfits. You can wear a jacket two or three times in the same week if you vary the skirts, pants or scarves you wear with the jacket each time. Another reason to focus on buying great jackets is that most people have more trouble finding a jacket that fits their body and is comfortable than finding a pair of slacks or a skirt that fits well.
Wear Layers
Wearing layers also allows you to stretch your wardrobe. Layering helps you feel comfortable in changing weather conditions. Layers also allow you to wear a shirt that may not be work appropriate by itself because most of the shirt will be hidden by a sweater and jacket. Clothing that is work appropriate, such as button down shirts, tend to cost more than t-shirts, so layering your professional attire with other pieces from your wardrobe lets you wear less expensive clothing and still look professional. Wearing your favorite shirt also helps you feel more comfortable and gives you the opportunity to go out after work without feeling overdressed or having to change before meeting friends.
Shop Discount Stores
Professional clothing doesn’t have to be purchased at an expensive department store. Stores that sell clothing at a discount are a great place to buy items for your professional wardrobe. The clothing may not fit as well off the rack as a department store suit, but you can spend some of the money you saved on having the articles fitted to your body and still end up spending less than you would have spent for comparable pieces at a department store. Discount stores are also a great place to find accessories such as jewelry and scarves to add personality to your wardrobe.
Buy Off-Season
If you live in a place where the seasons are very defined, you can save by buying pieces at the end of each season and keeping them until the next year. For example, you could buy a new winter coat in November, but waiting until February or March will likely save you 50 percent or more. Signing up for the email list at your favorite store’s website will also help you save money because you will be notified of sales and discounts just before they happen and may be given special coupons to use during the sales.
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