Advantages Of Direct Mobile Marketing

Imagine the sheer volume of the UK’s mobile marketing potential. The UK is among the leaders in mobile phone use in Europe and marketers have taken notice. The UK’s 3G capabilities are as large as any other European nation’s capabilities.
The marketplace is ever-evolving but the core is strong and not about to diminish any time soon. In the UK, there are now four major networks for mobile users.  The price-competitive marketplace is vibrant and in demand.
In just a few years, the mobile has already begun to be more useful for personal and certain business functions than the personal computer. The technology appeals to users of all ages who want instant and complete access to data.
Long List of Advantages
There are many advantages to mobile marketing, the least of which is tremendous reach and the attention grabbing capabilities that mobiles represent. Many businesses, including some of the largest in the world, have initiated very effective mobile marketing programs.
Don’t be fooled by the innocent appearance of the cell phone.  There exists a full package of technology in that hand-held device. You have bookmarked some of your favorite sites. You shop, communicate, send photos, make voice films and come to rely on your mobile so much that we tend to take it for granted. Many people chart their lives and record their activity on their mobile.
Direct Mobile Marketing
Mobile marketers are rapidly developing direct mobile marketing campaigns that provide serious returns on investment that far surpass other, more conventional medians. One of the appealing features of this marketing strategy is the reach. A mobile marketer can get the company’s message out quickly, cost effectively in a matter of minutes.
People who may discard a direct e-mail marketing piece, read their text messages. Mobile marketers admire the flexibility the mobile provides. Text messages, photos and even product film clips have a better chance of being acknowledged over the mobile than on a pc.
From the point of sheer saturation, there is no other median that compares to the mobile. For brand enhancement and recognition, there may be no better way to attract today’s consumers than via mobile marketing.
Surpassing TV Marketing
Despite declarations to the contrary, mobile TV has not been a big hit in the UK. Instead, low-key data applications like SMS dominate the mobile marketplace.  The use of mobiles in the UK exploded with the new technology offered by 3G and subsequent technology. Yet, the consumers are well treated because of the highly competitive nature of the industry.
Without question, the biggest attribute of mobile marketing is that it has pulling power. Strategically stated message engage mobile users. They may not check their e-mail but they check their text messages without fail.
The industry is big and growing.  Vodafone executed a £100 million network deal with Virgin Media Business this year. Networks are completing deals with PayPal and Master Card so that consumers can transact sales via mobile. Mobile marketing is here to stay.

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