A Day In The Life Of An Olympic Swimmer

Olympic swimmers are a special breed of athlete and must do their best to stay in top physical shape. The rigorous job of professional swimmer is challenging and requires intense concentration and the highest level of physical fitness. Being an Olympic swimmer requires an amazing amount of dedication and focus.

A Professional Swimmers Typical Day

Most Olympic swimmers begin their day early in the morning. Usually their day begins around 6:00 a.m., sometimes earlier. Most choose to begin with a brisk walk. If they have a pet, they take their pet for a walk. If not, they simply walk to enjoy the fresh air and exercise. Walking allows time for creative thinking and planning strategies, important for swimmers once they are at the Olympic level.A healthy breakfast concentrating on valuable protein is a must. Most Olympic swimmers are very careful to follow diets high in protein and filled with fresh vegetables and fruits for greatest performance. There is not much room for eating foods that don’t help athletic performance in an Olympians diet.

A Valuable Exercise Regimen Begins

An Olympic swimmer begins his workout at the pool in the morning, generally 7:00 a.m. or earlier. It begins with at least one half hour of valuable stretching exercise to warm up essential muscles. Stretching also helps to prevent injury, which is crucial. No Olympian wants to experience injury that can put them behind other athletes until the injury heals. Following the stretching exercises is the swimming session itself. An Olympic swimmer will usually swim for about two to two and one half hours. This provides a great workout without the opportunity for injury due to overuse of muscles. Swimmers must keep themselves in top physical shape to do well in competition.Many Olympic swimmers follow a routine of about five days a week of workouts using weights. This allows them to strengthen and tone muscles that are so important to be able to swim competitively. A professional must treat his or her body as the tool used to earn their living and must be attentive to keeping in top shape.

An Excellent Diet Is Crucial

Eating right and getting the right amount of exercise and training are crucial. Swimmers must keep their focus on providing the very best fuel for their body. Their body is the instrument of their craft. Olympic swimmers follow a diet rich in beneficial protein, lean meats, fish and other high quality protein like that found in peanuts and peanut butter. Protein is important as a building block for muscle needed to swim effectively. Swimmers also eat plenty of healthy fresh vegetables and fruits, dairy products in moderation and carbohydrates, which are kept to a minimum. The ability to stay competitive is at the top of any Olympic swimmers daily focus. Olympic swimmers have a rigorous job. Since most love what they do, they do not mind the necessary sacrifices that allow them to always do their best.
Written by Kelly H.
Kelly prides herself as an active mum who makes sure her kids get a good dose of vitamin D and exercise in the weekends. Kelly has worked at several bicycle shops in Brisbane where she has developed her passion on cycling. She has recently bought her two sons mountain bikes for their 18th birthday.