4 Steps Away From The 'Perfect' Proposal

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So, she’s the one. Now, it’s time to put those feelings into action and hopefully get that ‘Yes’ you want to hear from her when you propose. If you are already at this stage, then chances are high that she is as well, and the answer doesn’t make you nearly as nervous as making the moment memorable, right?
You are only going to do this once. So, you want to make it extra special, because I guarantee you this moment will be thought of and talked about for years to come. Everyone will be asking her, and you, how you proposed…’Did he get down on one knee?’…’Was it romantic?’….and so many more questions.
However, I also want to warn you that no matter how hard you try, and how much time and effort you put into it, it might not come off as perfectly as you want it to…at least not to you. But, that doesn’t mean it won’t be a wonderful event, and a way to start off your new commitment together on a seemingly perfect note. If done properly, any little glitch that may happen just won’t matter.
Read on to learn how you can set in motion a proposal that will seem perfect, to the only one that matters.

1. Find the Right Ring

Before you plan anything, you might want to pick out the ring. Now, this can be a daunting experience, if you don’t know a few things, such as what makes a quality ring, and what style she prefers. There are people far more qualified to give you advice on the quality of diamond than me… I fully admit that. But, there is plenty of information on the Internet to give you a crash course on things such as clarity and cut.
However, the style…that is all about her and what she likes. Now, how do you figure that out? Good question. There is no set answer here, but most girls will have an idea ahead of time, long before you even go shopping.
If she has a Pinterest account, take a look around…or have one of her friends do it for you. She just might have a few rings singled out on her boards, or is ‘following’ a favorite jeweler. If you don’t want to discuss it with her friends, see if one of yours can take a look, or maybe her mom.
Another way to find out is to take her shopping. Pretend that you are looking for diamond earrings for your mom. Or, if that wouldn’t make sense, tell her your mom wanted you to get an idea of what earrings SHE might like for the holidays. Once you are there, casually stray over to the other cases, especially engagement rings. If she is interested in letting you know what she would like…’just in case’…she will.

2. Know Her Likes and Dislikes

If you want to plan something special for the big event, then you really need to know what she would think is special, right? I mean, you don’t want to bring her to Dodger Stadium, if she hates sports.
Then again, it has to be natural, to not make her ‘suspicious’. In other words, if you hate opera, I’m not sure taking her out to the opera that night would be natural…unless you do things in compromise to make each other happy. If that’s the case, you are both off to a great start in your future.
I recommend that you plan something special, but not too far out of the ordinary. In fact it doesn’t have to be anything formal or extravagant, especially if that is not what you normally do together. For example, you could be at the beach for a sunset, something maybe you do quite often, but have a plane fly over with a “Will You Marry Me” banner.

3. Plan Ahead

No matter what you plan, make sure to do it in advance. Spontaneous is great for taking a trip to the zoo, but for a proposal? Not so much. You might get lucky and it work out for you, but typically a memorable proposal requires a little planning. Things you should consider prior to the question coming out are plentiful, and of course will depend on what you want to do.
Take a look at the following suggestions:

  • Restaurant reservations – make them, and ask for the most romantic booth
  • Time off – if it requires any time off from work from either of you, ask ahead of time
  • Attire – have your clothes picked out, cleaned, and ring in pocket
  • Call ahead – even with reservations and planning, call ahead to confirm
  • Check the weather – if it’s outdoor proposal, make sure the weather will cooperate
  • Confirm outside help – if someone is helping you with a sign or anything else, call to confirm the plans

These are just a few things to consider, and will vary depending on your plans…but, you get the idea.

4. Have a Backup Plan

Just know; anything can happen to alter your plans. It could rain during your planned sunset proposal, or traffic congestion can cause you to be late for a special ‘revealing’. If anything like this happens…you have two options. One is to have a backup plan for another time. Not that you have to have it all planned out ahead of time for the backup day. But, just accept that it might be best to postpone it.
The second is to go with the flow. Not everything in life happens that way we want it to, especially throughout a marriage. And, maybe, there is no time like the present to make that point.

In Closing

There you have it. Four easy steps to the best proposal for the one you love. Take it in stride, and enjoy it, because it only happens once.
As a freelance writer, Sophie Evans enjoys her career as she can write about topics near and dear to her heart, and draw inspiration from browsing the Internet. For instance, when she was looking through the diamonds on www.lovediamonds.net, she decided to write about weddings and proposals. Sophie and her husband Rick are the proud parents of a son and daughter, and reside in Balboa Beach, California.