How To Increase Comfort In Chemo Rooms

If you have found out that you have quite a few chemo sessions in your future, you have two directions you can head. You can either wallow in despair, or you can look upon the process with hope for a brighter future. Let us get you moving towards the latter, and that all begins with the chemo process itself. You are going to spend so much time in your chemo room that it may seem like a second home to you. Since that is the case, you might as well make it as comfortable as possible. Here are a few tips to accomplish just that.

Bring Your Own Music

While some chemo rooms may pipe in their own music to make patients comfortable, you will often be at the mercy of their selection. Most likely you’ll be sitting in silence. You will find that music is therapeutic, particularly on those days when the chemo is really making you feel ill. Having your own music can really serve to brighten your mood and make you more comfortable in the process. Bringing an audiobook or playlist that brings comfort and helps the time go by faster.

Bring a Friend

Receiving chemo can be a lonely process, but it does not have to be. Most hospitals will gladly allow you to bring a friend along, provided that they follow a few rules. You will just want to prepare your friend for what they are about to encounter and make sure that they help you remain positive throughout the process. You will find that good conversation with your friend will not only make you more comfortable during treatment, but it will also help the time fly by.

Embrace Technology

Depending on where you live and your insurance you may have a choice between different chemo treatment centers to go to. Ask questions. Some centers have one nurse for every two patients while others have a nurse serving half a dozen. Nurses do the best they can, but having the right tools can help them make sure you get the best attention possible. If they are having to monitor each drip and your reaction they can be overwhelmed if they have too many patients. Some newer centers have IV infusion pumps that are smart technology. That helps them connect to your port, PICC line or IV. It also helps to make sure you get the updated medicine, dosage, and to automate the speed to make sure you don’t take longer than you need, or go faster than you should.

Don’t Forget Your Blanket

Chemo rooms can be extremely cold. At the same time, you will want something from home to make you feel more comfortable as you are sitting there for hours on end. Make both of these things happen for you by bringing your own blanket from home. This will make you feel much better than simply relying on the hospital to provide you with one.  Having something familiar from home will help you feel more comfort through this new and scary process.
These are four simple suggestions to help you increase the comfort level in your chemo room. Take charge of your own treatment and make it work for you. If you do, you will likely find that it helps you remain in good spirits throughout the process.