What Does A Content Marketing Agency Do?

You’ve heard the term. You probably know that contact marketing agencies have something to do with internet marketing, but you’re not exactly sure if you’re missing the boat by not having one as part of your marketing team. Well, if you’re interested in selling your products or services to the 2 billion people who peruse social media every day, hiring a content marketing agency might be a good idea. In fact, a very good idea. A contact marketing agency can do things to pump up your company’s sales, and image, in ways you never could on your own. How? Let’s look at few areas where you could use their expertise.

How You Rank Against Your Competition

You probably think you have this one knocked. You get your company’s sales figures, in some cases even your competitors’ sales figures, so you pretty much know where you stand, right? Well, not necessarily. In this brave new world of internet marketing where you stand at the moment, may not be reflective of where you’ll stand tomorrow, or even an hour from now. Things change pretty quickly in this cyber marketing world. However, a marketing agency can benchmark your search rank, social reputation, web traffic, and more, against your competitors. This gives you the ability to change your message to meet any competitor’s new marketing strategy.


Or maybe we should call this “rapid response”. Because your content marketing agency tracks your rankings, they can tell you almost instantly if something good, or bad, is happening to your company on the internet. Let’s say you want to test a new product to a select audience. Your content marketing agency can zero in on that market with your targeted audience. The tracked response will tell you if that product or service is being received well, falls short of the mark, or barely creates a ripple either way. What used to take weeks or months, now takes just a few days. In some cases less. That allows you to evaluate that product/service as it relates to actual customers/potential customers, and make any, or all, necessary changes before a full roll out.

Create, Publish, and Place Your Message

What’s a company’s most treasured product? It’s reputation. No one buys anything from a company with a bad rep. Why would they? But in this case, perception is reality. You may have the greatest products or services in the world. Your company may spend a considerable amount of time and money supporting worthwhile causes. Your firm may be the greatest thing since sliced bread. But – unfounded rumours, untruths, and corporate assassination, can put your reputation in the trash bin once they start circulating on the Internet. And how would you even know if you didn’t have a content marketing agency keeping track of such instances? You might eventually find out, but by then the damage will be done. Enter damage control. Your agency will meet these issues head on, immediately, before they have a chance to take hold. They’ll use creative, PR, and selected internet placement to counter attack. Result? Damage avoided, reputation intact. And don’t forget, as well as keeping your reputation intact, your content marketing agency will be proactive and build your reputation to even greater heights, with press releases, articles, and positive information about your firm.

Total Market Integration

A content marketing agency lets you control the way you look to customers, potential customers, or casual browsers. They do this by integrating a total marketing plan for the internet and social media areas, to give you a consistent look, feel, and message. This, in turn, will help you build a network of internet followers, which will then create a loyal base of customers. Additionally, a well thought out and integrated internet marketing approach, will give your company more gravitas in the marketplace. You can take the high road, and hold the position.

Is A Content Marketing Agency Right For You?

Of course it is. Whether you’re a large, medium or small business operator, the Internet is the place to be. It’s also the great leveler, and allows you to compete against all types of firms, from all over the globe. But the Internet and social media are no longer the “wild west” of electronic media. The days of just throwing something on the net and waiting to see how it flies are long gone. You need a structured, professional approach to take advantage of all this marvelous marketing tool, and for that reason you need a content marketing agency.