4 Strengths Of Using A Cash Advance For Your Business


The U.S Small Business Administration (SBA) says over 68% of small and medium enterprises fail within the first 12 years of launching due to cash crunch.   According to an article published on U.S Money in 2013, this situation has exacerbated since the economic recession of 2007/2008 with over 75% having been affected by capital deficiencies.

4 Strengths Of Using A Cash Advance For Your Business

Cash Advances as a Godsend

As an entrepreneur, you have to concur that things are tough especially during such a period.  However, there is no reason to give in because with a merchant cash advance you can breathe new life into your operations.

Whether you are looking for quick cash to settle payments or increase your stock, there is no better source of financing than this. The basics of this financing option are easy; if you have no collateral or if you have poor credit rating you will not have to worry about securing a commercial bank loan.

In fact, these traditional financial institutions will not even listen to your case as they are still too rigid in principle. By opting for an alternative funding option, you save your business and buy more time to stabilize it.  Repayment can vary but mostly for businesses it will be a payment of part of your future credit card sales collected by the lender.

Key Strengths of Cash Advances

Like a suave entrepreneur, you need to assess the pros and cons of every financial decision you make.  For this alternative source of funds, you will enjoy myriad benefits including but not exclusive to:

1. Quick Loan Processing

Applying for a business loan from a bank when you are in the red is akin to knocking on a stone hoping for water.   There are multiple eligibility criteria to meet and afterward you will have to wait for weeks before approval. For a business advance from a reliable lender, you will get approval within 48 hours and you can happily start rebuilding your brand.

2. Easy Terms of Eligibility

 This advance serves best when you don’t want to lose your treasured brand which you have sloughed for years to create.  If you are in financial constraints, the lender understands your credit score is bad and there are no such checks. What’s more, there is no need for collateral, which makes the entire process even more helpful.

3. Easy Application Process

When your business is undergoing a tough stretch the last thing you want is an incessant chain of paperwork to fill.  The beauty of this advance is the fact that you can fill it online and all you need to attach is a bank or merchant account statement to show your processing average volumes.

4. Reliable Customer Service

An alternative business lender appreciates the fact that your success is critical in order to recover the funds.  As such, you will enjoy excellent customer service from initial contact with a personal representative attached to your account.  Any queries can be answered through chat, email or phone calls which makes the entire experience even more pleasant.

Losing your business can be traumatising but luckily you don’t have to go through such an experience. Just pick the ideal lender and with an advance you will be on your way back to the top.