How To Maintain A Classic Car

To own a sleek, elegant and classy vintage car is the dream of most car owners. Whether it is to drive it around town or to keep it in their collection, owning one can be a fantastic experience. You have seen them on TV and at car fairs, their shimmering body work, the luxurious interiors and the classic roar of the engine. While owning one is an aspiration for most, maintaining one can be somewhat tricky. This should not put you off purchasing one however and here are some tips that can help you maintain the quality;

Storing your Car

The most recommended and effective way to protect your classic car from damage is to store it inside. You can store the car in your garage and this can protect it from the elements that might spoil the exterior. If you wish to store the car for long periods of time, over the winter for example, it might be worth looking into a climate controlled storage unit. This type of storage can protect the vehicle from dirt and dust and can deter pests from causing damage to the interior and mechanical parts.

Using a suitable form fitting cover if kept outside is advised; this will protect the exterior from sun damage as well as prevent rust from rain. Ensure that you have drained all fluids from the car when storing periods as any fluids left in engine for long periods can cause damage.

Engine Care

While maintenance can be carried out by yourself, taking the car to a reputable mechanic can ensure that the vehicle has received high quality servicing. The mechanic can inspect for any needed repairs, this is especially important if planning on storing for long periods. Any repairs left unchecked can cause further deterioration to the vehicles mechanical parts.
The oil must be changed on a regular basis as used oil contains combustion by products that can harm the engine. It can be changed by a professional or can be managed yourself. When changing the oil, ensure that you use specially formulated oil that is suitable for classic and vintage cars. Classic and vintage car engines are made from cast iron susceptible to oil used in modern car engines. Specially formulated oil contains zinc that can protect the valve train components of the engine.

To ensure that the oil is properly circulated around the engine, it is advised to take the car for a drive before storage.


Wash the exterior on a regular basis, have it professionally done if possible. Professionals will use car shampoo that contains less salt than ordinary shampoo. This will ensure that the paint of the vehicle is not damaged.  When waxing, use two coats of wax and thoroughly rub it into the exterior to avoid residue. Using a rust treatment, specifically designed for classic cars, to prevent rust build up during long periods of storage.

Final Tips

Ensuring that your vehicle has the proper insurance is important, this will guarantee that you are covered in any event. Drive it regularly as car parts can deteriorate if left unused for long periods of time.

Harry Price is a free-lance writer who enjoys hiking, camping and playing poker with his mates. He has 3 wonderful dogs who run his life.