6 Fun and Interesting Facts About Cars

Food for thought

There are many hidden facts about cars which are specific for certain types of cars, and for most, it is an adventure to find them out. However, there are facts which are fun and do not apply to all of the cars.

Do we really appreciate these small fun bits of our cars, in which we spend a lot of time driving around? Now is the time to find out what your car might have in surprise for you and how maybe you can use some of that knowledge to your advantage.

A Computer Manages your Engine

As crazy it might sound, but all new cars nowadays have little engine computers which regulate all aspects from fuel consumption to emission and how much oxygen mix your engine needs. Although it is a great feature, and your car will be more optimized, it is also a curse; as soon as something is wrong with the computer, your car will stop immediately. And you will be standing there trying to figure out why did the check engine light turn on.

One Horse is not Equal to a Horsepower

As weird as it may sound, but one horsepower is not the same amount that a horse can produce. In scientific terms, one horsepower is equal to 745 watts. And according to that, a horse would only produce about 0.7 horsepower.

How Many Parts?

What do you think how many parts does your car has? If you guessed more than 1,000 parts, then you are on the right track. The average car has over 30,000 parts, and basically it is a very big and elaborate puzzle to put together. But car manufacturers manage to do just that, with the help of robots and other mechanical helpers of course.

Tyres need More Flowers

Did you know that there are serious attempts to cultivate enough dandelion so that it serves as a source of natural rubber in tyre production? Yes, you heard it right – our little garden friend is more useful than you might imagine.

Natural rubber is indispensable for improving thermal resistance and durability of tyres and, since rubber tree plantations of south east Asia are always in danger of not being able to produce enough rubber to satisfy the needs of the whole world, dandelion’s help might be required pretty soon. Truth be told, though, the garden variety is not potent enough – special dandelion sorts, like Kazakh dandelion are required for industrial use.

 Where is your Gas Tank?

Usually nobody pays attention to this, we know that we have the opening at one side of the car and that is it, but do we know on which side is our gas tank? Well, you do not have to take your car apart for that. Just look at your fuel gauge and you will be able to tell on which side of the car your fuel tank is.

Newer models have little triangles pointing to the side where the gas tank is. But, there is another “secret”, usually the tank is on the side where the empty line is. Next time you sit in a new car, the big E, or an arrow, will point to the gas tank.

A Fuel Tank keeps your Car Healthy

Although it is never a good idea to run out of gas, for obvious reasons, as experts explain it is better to have some fuel and never to run out of fuel, because your fuel injection might suck up dirt and rust from the bottom of the fuel tank, which in turn might ruin your engine.

Checking your engine regularly and watching the fuel filter also helps reduce the dirt and rust that might get into your car. Regular maintenance will also help with reducing fuel consumption in the longer run.