Top Financial Pressures in Business

Financial strains are nothing new in business circles, but today more than ever, companies are put under overwhelming pressure to stay one step ahead of the competition while keeping a firmhold on their reputation. Organisations such as the NHS face ongoing financial pressures caused by budget cuts that can have a knock on effect on quality of care.

Fortunately, businessesthat feel they are being backed into a cornercan find an escape route infirms like Gibson Hewittthat ensure businesses can continue while working to resolve any financial difficulties regardless of the pressures they face. We’ve taken a look at the many demands society imposes on the average business today.


Advances in technology will always place a significant amount of pressure on small and traditional businesses. Companies can lose out on business and the interest of potential clients if they continue to operate with outdated resources and this leads many firms to spend well outside their budget to stay on top.

The societal need to be green also comes into play as a mark of business innovation. With millions of companies across the globe adoptingeco-friendly habits, the pressure is on for traditional companies to conform – and since a green overhaul can often mean a complete identity change for some, many businesses can feel left in the shadows.


The need to expand is one of the biggest financial pressures faced by companies. Having the ambition to increase your business opportunities is only natural but the pressure for growth can be hugely damaging. Modest establishments and small family run businesses canbecome bankrupt in their eagerness to outshine competitors – facing loan repayments and significant losses thanks to ill chosen investments.If it ain’t broke.

Legal issues

Every business will need to deal with legal challenges at some point in their lifespan and each case is different from one to the next. Companies can do everything possible to avert risk and maintain a safe and secure environment but everyone can be caught off guard and the cost to you in legal settlements can be staggering when you are, so it is vital to prepare for each eventuality with suitable insurance and support.

The insolvency and recovery experts at Gibson Hewitt know all too wellof the financial pressures companies canfind themselves in, which is why they offer the appropriate support and solution to those in need of an escape route. Company Voluntary Arrangements or CVA’s for example is a process that ensures you keep full control of your assets while proposing a flexible and secure arrangement to your creditors – allowing you to go about your business once more.