‘To Err Is Human’: Why Rely On HR For Employee Monitoring, Then?

‘To Err Is Human’: Why Rely On HR For Employee Monitoring, Then?

As a businessman, you would have tried loads of apps to counter the problems associated with your employees. Why not rely on something that won’t be biased, something that won’t judge, something that will take the facts as they are without anything addition or subtraction, something that can make it easy and free of any kind of hassle, why not try something like StealthGenie?

What Is StealthGenie?

The best way to ensure effective employee monitoring is by using the help of monitoring apps and the best app in the business is StealthGenie. This amazing app is pretty little in size and really strong in nature. You may keep an eye on all the cell phone details of your employees from anywhere in the world, at any time you want to, without letting your employees even get a hint of things.

Smart Features:

Access to all the SMS messages conversation, phone call records, e-mail messages, WhatsApp messages, contact details and even the web browser history of your employees is part of the salient features of StealthGenie. The phone call records are provided to you with the date, time and duration of each and every call. You may even record any particular call or all the calls if you feel the need to.

Advanced Features:

‘Geo Tracking’ and ’Geo Fencing’ are one of the most strong features of this app. With ‘Geo Tracking’, you may trace the exact location of your employees at any given point. This feature works using the help of the GPS navigator inside your employee’s smartphone which tells you how important access to the internet is, to ensure an interruption free GPS tracking. With ‘Geo Fencing’, you may set trigger zones. Once your employee enters that zone or leaves that zone, you will be instantly alerted about it.


The compatibility of this app is pretty widespread. You may monitor all the activities of your employees if they are using any latest iPhone, BlackBerry or Android handset. iPhone models as late as iPhone 5 and BlackBerry phones in the 8000 and 9000 series, all work great with StealthGenie. Even Android phones having OS 2.1 and higher than that run excellently alongside this app.

A Strong Support:

A reliable and strong customer support service is in place to help users solve all their issues. With a 24/7 customer support service, all the issues that any user faces is sorted out pretty quickly and in the most efficient manner possible. With three different price packages, a best price of $8.33 a month is an attraction for users at it helps them get what they want at a pretty reasonable price.

Keeping your business together is a tough task though, but you do manage it well if you have someone by your side. Employee monitoring using the support of monitoring apps like StealthGenie is a perfect example of how to run your business successfully. So get started with this app by subscribing for a StealthGenie subscription before the prices go up.