Tips To Have A Catchy Resume – The Edge To Your Future

One of the most important documents when applying for a work is your curriculum vitae, or resume. The contents will be the deciding factor as to whether you are hired and get a job in the real world.
If you have tried applying for work before but you’ve always been rejected, maybe it’s time for you to change your resume. The resume defines who you are, how well established you are, and how you can be an asset of the company. If you have an attracting resume, you can find high paid jobs in different countries via websites like You can check out and apply at Dubizzle jobs.
Below are tips on how to make a catchy resume to employers:

1.  Make a good heading or title

Your title allows the employer to have a prejudgment about who you are. For example, if you put only “accounting”, that is a bad title. You can make it better by using “Management of Accounting and Records or Recordkeeping”. Make it as descriptive as possible.

2. State your job objectives

Job objectives define how you will manage your work, be able to carry out your skills, and contribute your knowledge in the company. An example of a job objective is “Able to meet my client’s expectations in solving his/her concerns which relates to my profession and working environment”.

3. Include your abilities

Abilities describe how a good an employee you are and how well you do your job. You can put at least two or three abilities. One example is “Hardworking and can follow the company rules to complete the tasks assigned to me”.

4. Personal information

This includes your birth date, birth place, gender, age, ethnic race, height and weight. Sometimes, employers want to see this personal information when you’re applying for a job that focuses on physical qualifications.

5. Educational background

Start typing your educational background in a descending order: from the degree you got in college to your elementary days. Also include your school and the year you graduated.

6. Working experience

In a descending order, start your working experience from the latest company, and include your role and job description. Use bullet points to make your information noticed.
For example:
Staff Nurse
St Mary’s Hospital
Job Description: Assessing and admitting patients.
Giving medications and referrals to doctors.

7. Seminars and training attended

Seminars and training determines how you update your knowledge and improve your skills to be an efficient employee. Go from the latest seminars you attended, and include the certificate you got.

8. Use a professional picture

When you include your photo in your resume, choose something well groomed and professional. Wear formal clothing such as long sleeves. Avoid using a plunging neckline, which can degrade your personality.

9. Don’t include irrelevant information

Irrelevant information will not help you landing your dream job. It includes political views, hobbies and favorite colour.

10. Use Ms/Mrs or Mr

If you have a name that sounds like a girl’s name and you’re a guy, it’s so much better to put “Mr” before your name so that employers knows you’re a male. The same is true for females. This will help avoid confusion for employers regarding your gender.

11. Put referrals

Using referrals will help the company do background checking about the information you put.

12. Short and concise

Providing a lot of information in your resume makes an employer bored. Make it short and concise to be more attractive.