The Good, The Bad And The Glossy Of Brochures Printing Services

Whoever said that the advertising business is all about TV and the Internet is sadly mistaken. A huge number of people still have faith in the trusty and familiar thickness of the advertising brochures. After all, even during a black-out you can always find a take-away menu from your favorite oriental restaurant or pizza joint, make an order by the land-line phone and contentedly devour it under the mystic light of a wax candle. This scenario is hardly possible for a business that didn’t go to “trouble” of providing their clients with high-quality brochures.

Brochures are an integral part of the take-away active or even interactive advertising relevant not only for already-established enterprises, but coming in more than handy for start-ups and family-owned businesses a well. While flyers, leaflets and business cards are rather expendable – three days the trend is to throw away the flyers and scan or photograph the business cards using a smart-phone to never use those again, brochures containing useful information such as pricing, menus and discount cut-out coupons are sure to be the keepers in your clients’ households.

Quality is very important for brochures so you should choose brochures printing services carefully. It would be better to go for the best qualitypricing ratio than to get an almost unreasonable discount deal to end up with a pile of bleak and toilet-paper thin brochures. Thick paper, metallic foil embossing and quality lacquer finish will do wonders to your firm’s credibility and prestige. Just don’t blame it all on the brochures printing services in case the final result doesn’t quite look the way you wanted it to. It would be an understatement to say that it is crucial to find a high-class designer to create the brochure for you – your friend’s high-school Photoshop wizard cousin is just not an option here.

The more pages your brochure has the higher the price. However, the advertising results are not proportional to the number of pages you bestow on your clients. Quite on the contrary – brochures are rarely browsed past the first third. It might be a good idea to use one trick from the restaurant business – the less choice you give to the clients the better the sales. Simple two-page long menus work best in the trendiest places. Go for clear and laconic brochure and you’ll be amazed by the results. If you are very keen on showcasing your whole huge range of goods, prices, options and deals just make sure to include a direct link to them on-line – for the brochure it is a must to remain as simple and classy as a “little black dress”.

You must be brief, but it doesn’t mean that you should be all up-tight. A nice joke, funny custom-made logo or a reasonably fancy font that add just a splash of human touch is the bees knees. Just make sure that this little liberty is in style with your company’s image and policies and doesn’t offend any fraction of your target audience – or be bold and act from the contrary – bravely alienate the clients you wouldn’t like to see crossing your doorstep ever again. See how handy a brochure can be. Now that you know all the awesome things you are going to put into your new advertising media it’s high time you found a brochures printing service they’ll get your business rocking.