The Advantages Of Using Liquid Propane Gas

LPG gas has several advantages, often being cleaner more economical and more flexible as an energy source within the home. This article discusses the advantages and how to convert to LiquidPropane.

What is LPG?

LPG stands for liquidpropanegas and, as one of the lightest products found in the distillation of crude oil, it is therefore gaseous. Liquidpropanegas can be used as an alternative energy source to oil or electricity within the home and in commercial properties and has several different advantages.

Clean Burning

LiquidPropaneGas burns incredibly cleanly and efficiently. This is because its small size and gaseous nature allow it to react with oxygen easily. Because it burns cleanly it releases less harmful emissions into the atmosphere and produces a far lower concentration of carbon monoxide than other fuels. LPG is regarded as more sustainable when compared to other fossil fuels as it generates less carbon dioxide and other sulphur and nitrogen based bi-products. Furthermore, if LiquidPropaneGas spills, it quickly evaporates into the atmosphere, meaning that leaks and spills are far less dangerous, degrade quickly and are unlikely to contaminate the surrounding area and wildlife.

Versatile and Convenient

LPG can be used both inside and outside and can be kept in small Calor gas bottles or in large refillable tanks. Because most people have their own supply of LiquidPropaneGas, they do not lose power when there is an issue with the mains supply. LPG can be used for cooking, heating the home and even running gas fires and can be used to run millions of different appliances available on the market. Furthermore, if you are switching form mains gas to LPG, there is no need to change all of your appliances; they just need some slight modification and adaptation.

Boiler Efficiency

Because liquidpropanegas burns incredibly efficiently, boilers are relatively simple, taking up less space, making less noise and requiring less maintenance than an oil boiler. They are also energy efficient and cheap to install.

How to Switch to LiquidPropanegas

Installing a liquidpropanegas is relatively simple. All you need is an outdoor or underground space to store gas canisters which are either refillable or replaceable. Switching to LPG energy or central heating may be expensive to install but there are financial incentives and assistance available from Calor in order to encourage customers to make the switch. If you are considering making the switch from mains gas or oil to LPG, it is well worth carrying out an in depth survey of the plumbing and appliances changes which need to be made and how much replacing existing boilers and appliances might cost you. It often makes financial sense to switch to LiquidPropaneGas when an old gas or oil boiler is broken and needs replacing anyway. This is a great time to consider alternative energy solutions.
Benjamin Arthur is a home energy expert, advisor and consultant. He regularly writes articles on the latest products in home energy efficiency for a range of newspapers, magazines and on line media and has recently been reviewing the latest range of Calor gas products and the versatility of Calor appliances.