Promoting Your Brand With YouTube

If you are a business owner who hasn’t taken the leap to use YouTube as a marketing tool then you are missing out on a great deal of free advertising.  You can use YouTube to promote your products or brand and it’s all free unless you choose to buy advertising.
The best part is you don’t have to buy anything, all you need to do is create videos that people want to see and promote the video and you’re done.  It sounds easier than it is but the work really is worth it when you see the results.  Below are some tips for promoting your brand with YouTube.

Always be Creative with Your Content

People will run from your channel if you don’t post anything that is creative and that they want to watch.  You can’t just post any video and expect people to watch them and like them.  You do have to do a little bit of work.
Humor is a great way to promote your brand and you can use employees as actors and have your videos look at the humorous side of using your products or services.  You can also use behind the scenes or how to videos to get a good reaction from your viewers.  The main thing is to think creatively so people want to watch your videos.

Add a Link to Your Website

It is very important that you add a link to your website so your viewers can just click on it to buy your products and services.  People rarely want to copy and paste a URL because they are so used to having a link.  It may sound lazy on their part but research shows that most people will skip going to a website if they have to work for it.  So when you write your description of the video, make sure you have a link to your website included.

Get More Views by Using Social Media

You need to have a social media campaign for your videos that includes posting them on Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites.  You can also buy YouTube views with PayPal to boost your numbers on your videos.  The more exposure you have on the internet the better chances you have for getting more views.
More views mean more traffic to your website and that means more money for your company.   You should also link your videos to your website so those who are not on YouTube can still watch them and add to the view count.
Any business owner who wants to promote their products or brand needs to have a YouTube account.  It just makes sense for the free advertising and it offers a creative way to show what your company is all about.  You can highlight your products or the employees that work for you.  When it comes to posting videos you need to be creative and you should share them on your social media sites.  So take the leap and get a YouTube account to promote your brand today.
Amber O’Brien is a successful business owner and has been marketing on YouTube and writing about her experiences for three years.