Freelance Salespeople Now Pushing Website Domain Names

There is no question that the state of the economy is extremely uncertain today. Conspiracy theorists speak about all the impending doom that will inevitably shake down the United States, holding on with every fiber it has until the country eventually crumbles to the equivalent of a third world country. This leaves loads of room for distraught, unwaged and even starving denizens of able-bodied workers that are pugnacious with their prestigious degrees to get work even at a burger joint.  This is a sad, but unfortunately viable, manifestation of corporate greed today.
Various individuals that are exiled from workplaces around the globe will even pour their savings into online scams they hope will provide them with new work from home opportunities or online work; when they empty their cash into the coffers, however, they realize soon thereafter they’ve been duped.  And then they discover the prominence of selling domain names as freelance salesmen, particularly where premium domains are concerned.

Defining Freelance Sales Today

Freelance salesmanship, by definition, is work implemented by rogue, secretive perhaps even totally unknown ‘behind the scenes’ individuals often given by businesses or other individuals that simply want to save money and get perhaps a more professional touch put on the lead capturing or sales closures they are seeking.  In-house employees are then freed up to carry out other tasks that can prove to be more useful to the company, which allows the company to expand.
The freelance salesman that gets the domain pandering job wins since they now have a source of income flowing into the household, and the client they are working for wins since they are actually saving money.  It is the best idea since the light bulb and will continue to be a trend throughout the next decade or further.
Finding these freelance sales positions used to be ‘interesting’, to say the least, as rogue companies would promote a database that had freelance and work at home jobs, charging a nominal fee to access; however, there are several companies one can choose from and, no matter if you choose to pay for the service or use it free, there is money to be made.   Even more money selling domain names is to be had, too.

Endless Earnings Potential

Earnings potential is completely up to you; many folks will combine 5 or 6 small sales gigs to make a full-time job; others may land several lucrative part-time contracts that make them several thousand a week, while even more will bid on available jobs and then pass the work around an office, making the company more money while employing their own little ‘gang’ of freelancers.  How you choose to jump on the freelance train is completely your prerogative; it’s just taking the initial ‘plunge’ that is the hardest step.
Those interested in selling domain names could easily put themselves out there on forums, asking for amicable yet still somewhat reasonable commissions on domains sold.
If you are unsure where to start, simply pick one and build a killer profile with all experiences and education you’ve accrued over your life, and slap it on some freelance websites.  Put a picture up and verify all parts of your information if requested.  Potential employers tend to lean towards hiring people that are legitimate with full profiles and contact information.  Elance and oDesk lead the charge.

In Closing: Elance Sales Profiles Work!

Once you’ve put up a profile, bid on jobs you can complete with ease, even if the cost is low; your first initial goal is building rapport with employers to gain trust and good rankings within the system.  In terms of using Elance, it’s best to earn some money then immediately upgrade membership as this proves to employers that you are serious enough about working to pay a measly $20.00 a month – especially when you can earn a hundred times that with ease.
On Elance, there are folks earning six figures a year and have since they’ve opened up.  Should you be the unfortunate one that is down and out on work, there is nothing to lose by trying freelance salesmanship.  Freelancing in today’s world is what employers are doing, and intend to do from here on out; selling domain names is just one portion of one very large, demanding pie.

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