Earn Your Associate's Degree

Trying to find your dream career in this economy can feel like a challenge, but the best way to differentiate yourself from everyone else is by having a degree. Having specialized skills in the career market you want to enter is a great way to appear knowledgeable and as the best choice for any job.
Why Get A Degree At All?
Although it is possible to have a worthwhile career with just a high school diploma, the truth is holding a degree will make you more marketable as an employee. Even so, bachelor’s degrees and other higher degree programs traditionally take 4 years to complete making them a commitment of time and money. For this reason, many people choose to earn their Associate’s degree instead.
An Associate’s Degree, by comparison, can typically be earned in two years and is considerably cheaper than earning a bachelor’s degree. Because of these reasons, many people opt to go this route and still be able to have an accredited degree on their resumes.
Better Job Prospects
The amount of job opportunities available for someone with a high school diploma is more limited than the opportunities for those who have obtained a degree. Working towards your Associate’s degree opens so many more doors and possibilities for you. The type of work, the amount of places that will hire you and the amount of advancement within those career options is all increased based on simply earning an Associate’s.
Show Me the Money
Besides being able to add a degree to your resume, it’s been shown that those with an Associate’s degree earn more overall than those who just have their high school diploma. According to the US Census Bureau, someone with their Associate’s Degree makes an average of $8,000 a year more than someone with only a high school diploma. That’s an average difference of $650 a month – and that’s before including raises, promotions, or factors like that.
Online vs. Traditional
Deciding to earn your Associate’s degree is already an important step, but deciding where to do it is another decision entirely. Enrolling in a traditional college allows you to interact with professors and students face to face and gives you the chance to receive immediate attention if you need assistance.
However, should you choose to earn your associate degree online, like the programs offered at Ashworth College or University of Phoenix, you have the flexibility to work when and where you want. In addition, because there is no set class time, you can also balance taking your Associate’s courses with working full time.
No matter which type of schooling you choose or where you decide to take your classes, you have the power to know you can change your life. Simply by earning your Associate’s degree, you can have the job opportunities and make the money you deserve.
Allison Brenner is a copywriter for Ashworth College, an accredited online school. With 115+ diplomas and degrees, Ashwrorth College (http://www.ashworthcollege.edu) has a variety of career specific courses to help you change your life.