5 Marketing Tools and Resources You Need in 2013

Success online is often about having the right tools.
Of course, there are several factors involved such as your network, who you know and what you know, but your tools will always make or break your business.
If you want to build a successful business website online in 2013, without having to spend a fortune or break the bank, here are 5 powerful tools and resources you want to embrace.

1. Easy WebContent

To succeed online, the importance of being professional can never be overstated.
Ultimately, you want to create a brand that people will keep raving about, linking to and coming back to, and a huge part of this depends on how professional your website is. WordPress is the favorite website builder of choice online today and while the WordPress CMS itself is cheap, getting good design can be very expensive even to the tune of thousands of dollars.
With a quality site builder and online HTML editor, Easy WebContent makes it easy for people to create professional looking websites without having to break the bank. It also doesn’t rely on WordPress or any other platform/CMS to work and you also have the option to add a blog to your website if that’s what you need.

2. PostJoint

The concept of content marketing exploded in 2012 and people have predicted that it will become more mainstream this year. When we consider the fact that guest blogging is a core part of effective content marketing, then we can only expect this trend to grow.
PostJoint is a guest blogging platform that bridges that gap between guest bloggers and blogs that accept guest posts; if you’re a blog in need of guest posts that find it difficult to get guest bloggers or if you’re a guest blogger who finds it difficult to find blogs you can write for, PostJoint is the platform for you.
Registering is as simple as ABC and you can start using the platform almost as soon as you register.

3. Bufferapp

While guest blogging will be going mainstream this year, it isn’t the only thing marketers should pay attention to.
Social media is becoming increasingly popular not just for spreading the word about your content and brand but also for managing and creating discussions. Having an effectively managed social media presence will be very profitable for companies and marketers in 2013.
It’s not just about having a Twitter and Facebook account that is neglected but about creating and effectively managing discussions on these platforms. Bufferapp is a social media app that makes this extremely easy for everyone.
You can add your Facebook and Twitter account to buffer – adding as many accounts as possible – and then schedule your content to go live at intervals; this will not only help you drive maximum results from your social media accounts but it’ll also help you build your brands and gain more fans as a result of consistent social media usage.

4. Kiss Metrics

Something much more important than marketing in 2013 will be effective tracking; the businesses that get results this year will be able to track every individual source of traffic and sales to their business and as a result make more informed decisions on how to optimize their marketing funnels.
Kissmetrics is a customer web analytics and event tracking software that makes it extremely easy to track each source of traffic and leads to your website right from the very first day to the last day irrespective of the variables involved.
If you want to know the movement of customers on your website as well as how they make their decisions, Kissmetrics is the right tool for you; it’s also not restricted to cookies or other things people do to prevent tracking and it only tracks real sources of traffic to you.

5. Inform.ly

Just like Kissmetrics above, Informly is an online stats dashboard for marketers and online businesses.
Whether you use AWeber, Mailchimp, Google Analytics, Kissmetrics or other major online tracking and analytics tool, instead of you having to login to each of these dashboards every day Informly makes it extremely easy for you to have your analytics in one place.
You just have to link your accounts with Informly and every morning or evening you’ll get a summary of what is happening across each dashboard on your Informly dashboard.
Joseph is a professional guest blogger who helps others to get results through his guest blogging service.