Buyer’s Guide: Everything You Need To Know About Washers And Dryers

Choosing the proper appliances is essential for homeowners who want to make a good investment. Most appliances, more specifically washers and dryers, have an average lifespan of approximately 10 years. Therefore, making the right decision is crucial for a homeowner looking to maximize efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

The follow suggestions are consumer-reviewed products that offer top quality machines at the best prices. Whatever your preferences are you’ll be able to choose the washer and dryer perfect for you.

Best Way to Approach a Washer and Dryer Purchasing Decision

Choosing What Works for You

There are front-loading washers and top-loading washers, compact sets, eco-friendly sets, and power sets. You first want to evaluate your budget and needs. For example, if you have elderly people in your home looking to do laundry, you probably want a top-loading washer. If you have an extensive budget and want the best power washer on the market, know that you will most likely spend more on energy costs each month. If you don’t have a lot of laundry room space, compact sets are available that are cost-effective and energy efficient, but they not provide the best clean. I would recommend investing in an eco-friendly washer and dryer not because I am biased, but because you’ll save extensive money long-term with proper implementation.

Gas vs. Electric

If you have gas availability within your home you are in luck. Gas-powered washers and dryers offer cheaper initial costs, operating costs, and will dry your clothes quicker. If you’re home is electric you will want to invest in a washer and dryer that has multiple speeds because you’ll be able to control the efficiency more, as well as control the over-heating problem that occurs with most dryers.

Always Buy Combos

You will find cheaper sets than you’ll find individual machines, therefore look at the positives and negatives of each set and compromise for the savings – if you are on a budget this is your best approach. One of the best consumer-reviewed and tested washers on the market is the Kenmore Elite 41472, but the best dryer is an Electrolux EWMED70JIW. Unfortunately, you cannot pair these two and not pay top dollar. Therefore, I suggest a compromise in your dryer purchase for the Kenmore Elite 81472 rather than the Electrolux. Your best move is to pair well-known brands with positive reviews and necessary features.

The Best Choices

Kenmore is one of the best-reviewed brands on the market so you can’t go wrong with a Kenmore set (washer ranked #1 and dryer #3).  If you’re looking for initial cost-effectiveness you’ll want to go with a Frigidaire set. If you’re more traditional, Whirlpool is an industry old-timer, which proves competitive products.  Kenmore is still your best choice for eco-friendly approaches but LG is your brand if you’re looking for something compact. They provide the best in class compact washers and dryers on the market. All of these products run relatively similar pricing models, so you will find what you want within a $300.00 price differential.

Consult with a home appliance store about your future investment for a second opinion on your choice – they’re experts who know the intricacies of top washer and dryer brands.

This article was written by Matthew Hall. Known by his friends as the King of Tech Reviews, Matthew is always doing market research on the latest and greatest. When he isn’t surfing the internet, you can find him going on long jogs with his golden retriever or creating content for Dallas Home Appliances. To learn more about Matthew, check out his Google+.